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in Articles | By B-Id | 20 December 2017

B-Id's fingerprint ID smart cards enable driver authentication, employee identification, and customer security applications worldwide

Energy-efficient biometric fingerprint ID smart cards – with or without a rechargeable battery – are no longer in the prototype stage, but are ready to be put into live operation in multiple use cases worldwide. Yiwen Jin, Managing Director, B-Id, speaks with RFID & Wireless IoT Global about the company’s market-ready smart card solution that has been deployed in driver authentication and employee and customer identification applications. The focus of the interview: the benefits and possible deployment areas of the solution, as well as future innovations that combine fingerprint technology with RFID and Bluetooth, for example.

in Articles | By B-Id | 16 November 2015

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The next generation of the ISO card: acoustic cards as an alternative to NFC increase the security level of mobile payment applications

The next generation of payment cards provides a range of new functionalities by integrating electronic components into the ISO Format. There are fingerprint cards without a battery, with flexible PCB card designs, e-paper displays with Dot-matrix, and batteries that recharge via NFC. Technically, these are all viable options, as Yiwen Jin, B-Id explains. With partners, the company is working simultaneously on several innovative developments and projects. Acoustic cards, the next evolution of payment cards, are already in the starting blocks. The card interacts with the smartphone using an integrated speaker and microphone and offers - as an alternative to NFC - the high-security communication feature of a smart card for mobile payment applications.

Yiwen Jin, CEO, B-Id, interviewed by „RFID im Blick“

in Articles | By B-Id | 12 August 2014

Smart Cards: One Time Password (OTP) and Store Value Cards

E-Paper Displays with Dot Matrix and Color Display Extend the Range of Applications for Smart Display Cards

Revolutionary developments of RFID Smart Display Cards are nearly ready for the market. E-paper displays with dot matrix and color display were going to provide entirely new options to display information, reports Yiwen Jin, Managing Director B-Id in an interview with „RFID im Blick“. The company has already achieved great progress in the developments of Smart Display Cards and offers all ISO card types with One Time Passwort (OTP) function for online banking applications, for instance. B-Id now works at full speed on the development of further innovative functions that are going to enter the next development stage in the course of next year. „Currently we are testing the service life of a Smart Card battery that can be recharged via NFC interface. This battery could be used to power functions, such as displays or sensors which require internal energy supply.“

Yiwen Jin, Managing Director B-Id, in an interview with Dunja Kandel, „RFID im Blick“

in Articles | By B-Id | 10 July 2014

Especially in the automotive and laundry sector the requirements for UHF transponders are becoming more and more specific

The industrial requirements for the performance of UHF transponders are constantly growing: Especially in the field of automotive, users are looking for specific solutions. „In order to qualify for this environment, UHF transponders need to be stable, temperature-resistant, and readable on metal“, reports Yiwen Jin, Managing Director B-Id. The need for UHF tags that are cost-effective and reliable was also growing in laundry applications. This is why B-Id intensely drives the development of new inlays based on Polyimid and Copper.

Yiwen Jin, Managing Director B-Id, in an interview with Dunja Kandel, „RFID im Blick“

in Articles | By B-Id | 27 August 2013

No chance for moisture and heat

B-id counts on copper and polyimide for UHF inlays in industrial transponders

The company B-id brought a new series of UHF inlay products to the market not only based on polyimide (PI) and copper (Cu) as construction materials but which are also supposed to provide improved performance and higher stability in the face of external influences due to a special kind of manufacture, thus enabling the use of tags and labels in applications with high technological demands. „RFID im Blick“ talked to Erhard König, responsible for marketing at B-id, about the new product series.

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