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in Videos | By Confidex | 22 August 2016

Confidex X-Bolt™ – for years of service and bolt-on automation

Reliability with predictable reading from all angles and resistance to chemicals are the high points of our new bolt tag. Developed for engine block tracking on assembly line, the reusable X-Bolt tag is a robust tool for any heavy industry manufacturing control.

in Press Releases | By Confidex | 10 June 2016

Electronic toll collection (ETC) and other smart traffic systems present many technical challenges. The identification information must be read quickly, reliably and securely. What’s more, the system must be secured against frauds and counterfeiting. The new Xenon traffic labels by Confidex have been designed to tackle all these challenges.

in Press Releases | By Confidex | 20 May 2016

Confidex releases a product for smarter, more secure traffic management at International Transport Forum, ITF 2016 Summit, in Leipzig, Germany.

Confidex XENON VIP is targeted for highest security level of windshield label based smart traffic management applications with its crypto features and thin, tamper evident label structure.

Confidex XENON VIP improves the security level of RFID-based smart traffic solutions such as high-speed Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI), automated toll collection, parking and access control solutions for highly populated metropolitan areas. Batteryless, more cost effective, passive RAIN RFID technology opens totally new opportunities for smart traffic solutions at broader geographical coverage based on lower vehicle based costs.

in Videos | By Confidex | 17 March 2016

Hilti Corporation, a leading-edge technology and solution provider serving construction industries in over 120 countries, has launched a novel ON!Track Asset Management solution to help construction professionals make most of their assets and resources. The new web-based service utilizes RFID technology and Confidex RFID tags and labels to trace tools, machines and equipment at various construction sites. Instead of the inefficient and error-prone manual processes used in the past, Hilti’s customers can now identify their assets in real time and truly optimize the use of assets by allocating the right equipment in the right place, at the right time.

in Press Releases | By Confidex | 22 February 2016

Confidex announces today, that CHEP Pallecon Solutions has selected Confidex RFID tag and label technology as part of CHEP-TRAC, its tracking service of returnable containers. CHEP Pallecon Solutions’ containers are being equipped with Confidex RFID tags and labels which create the vital and reliable link for these physical returnable assets with the CHEP-TRAC cloud-based solution.

in Press Releases | By Confidex | 11 November 2015

Upgraded version of Confidex Ironside Slim™ RFID tag brings new advantages in metal Returnable Transit Item (RTI) tracking

Returnable transit items (RTI) are used to carry goods within the supply chain or within the manufacturing process. Roll cages, pallets, plastic crates and totes are only few examples of the different RTIs that exist. Today, automated tracking of RTIs with RFID is providing several business benefits for the RTI owners and users.

in Press Releases | By Confidex | 23 October 2015

Global Leader in Efficiency-Building RFID Tags and Labels Participating in Numerous Industry Events

Confidex, the world's leading supplier of efficiency-building radio frequency identification (RFID) tag and label solutions, is sharing its smart manufacturing and logistics expertise at numerous events throughout the United States this fall.

Detroit, Baltimore, Atlanta, and Chicago are hosting some of the industry conferences where the company is showcasing its ability to produce customized products to collect and use data for process optimization, increasing visibility and minimizing errors with automation.

in Press Releases | By Confidex | 07 September 2015

Confidex Ltd., the world’s leading supplier of high-performing contactless ticketing and RFID tag solutions and services, expands operations in China by opening its newest sales office in Shanghai.

in Press Releases | By Confidex | 13 August 2015

Confidex, the world’s leading supplier of high-performing contactless ticketing, NFC and RFID tag solutions, announces today that it has exceeded the 500 Million pieces milestone in delivering personalized contactless tickets to over 65 major cities worldwide.

in Press Releases | By Confidex | 28 November 2014

Confidex, the leading supplier of specialty RFID tags, continues to expand its product portfolio by launching four innovative tag solutions to the market. The unrivalled and patent-pending Confidex Silverline™ all-surface special label is now upgraded and also provided in two new compact sizes — Silverline Slim and Micro — enabling many novel applications to benefit from the use of RFID tags. The newcomer to Confidex hard tag portfolio is Confidex Carrier Tough II™, a new passive UHF RFID tag especially designed for tracking and tracing all types of returnable transit items.

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