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in Press Releases | By Confidex | 18 June 2014

Confidex launches two new UHF RFID hard tags that optimize and redefine the traditional size-performance trade-off of passive UHF tags.

Confidex Survivor™ is an all-surface-tag for applications where maximal read range and durability in extreme environments are the key requirements. Since its launch in 2006, Survivor has been the premier reference tag in the domain of high performance and heavy-duty C1G2 hard tags. It has been trusted by customers in the most demanding industrial and logistics applications, for example to manage or track roll cages, containers, and field equipment in harsh, open environments.

in Press Releases | By Confidex | 06 June 2014

Confidex Ltd. and SMARTRAC N.V. have announced a distribution agreement in the United States.

The agreement enables SMARTRAC and its US affiliate Neology to distribute Confidex’s hard tag and specialty label products exclusively in the United States. In return, Confidex benefits from SMARTRAC’s strong sales and service network comprising its internal and external resources.

in Press Releases | By Confidex | 19 May 2014

RFID tags enable Smart Manufacturing at Volvo Cars

Car buyers today typically order a number of custom options when they make their purchase. For car manufacturers this means that many of the vehicles they produce are effectively unique. Production is further complicated since several different models are typically assembled in the same production line. To manage such a variety during production, each vehicle needs to be uniquely identified and reliably tracked throughout the process.

in Press Releases | By Confidex | 11 April 2014

RFID helps to monitor and record ice hockey players real-time on ice

The time ice hockey players spend on ice is crucial information for coaches during games, especially when a team is playing with high utilization of its key players. Reliable and real-time statistics on the game is one of the key enablers for developing the efficiency of the team. However, until recently the time on ice has mostly been monitored and manually recorded by human observers only. As a result, providing team management with accurate and timely information has often been a challenge.

in Press Releases | By Confidex | 21 February 2014

Confidex’s RFID smart labels performed best during extensive testing, guaranteeing the traceability and identification of returnable assets of the biggest cooperative of flowers and plants in Latin America.

in Press Releases | By Confidex | 10 January 2014

Public Transport Operator ACTV S.p.A. (Azienda del Consorzio Trasporti Veneziano) improves passenger flow, promotes tourism in the historic city with smart ticketing service from Confidex

Confidex, the leading provider of contactless smart tickets and specialty RFID tags, announced that the company is supplying several million contactless smart tickets since two years to one of the largest European public transportation operators, ACTV in Venice, Italy.

in Press Releases | By Confidex | 05 December 2013

Confidex, the leading supplier of specialty RFID tags and contactless smart tickets, announced that its 18000-6C UHF RFID Windshield Labels are being deployed by the E-470 Public Highway Authority in their all-electronic toll collection system, ExpressToll. Besides supplying the standard-compliant, high performance 6C RFID windshield labels, Confidex’s broad range of services, including various personalization options and flexible deliveries help E-470 to reliably run their automatic toll collection system and provide optimal user experience.

in Press Releases | By Confidex | 03 September 2013

Qualified by all the main RFID printer providers, the new all-surface-RFID label brings users seamless operation through its interoperability, smart RF performance and high quality printing and production

Confidex, the leading supplier of specialty radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, introduced the Confidex Silverline™ label for industrial logistics, asset tracking and work-in-process (WIP) monitoring applications. Combining the company’s proven expertise in RFID on-metal tag design and in RFID label manufacturing, Confidex Silverline RFID labels offer consistent performance on all asset surfaces, packaged in an easy-to-use label format.

in Press Releases | By Confidex | 05 June 2013

The widely adopted Confidex Ironside™ product family now provides safe asset identification for the petrochemical, offshore and mining industries

Confidex, the leading supplier of specialty RFID tags, today announced that its UHF RFID product family Confidex Ironside™ is certified for compliance with the ATEX 94/9/EC directive, which proves safe operation of equipment in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. ATEX certification means that the Confidex Ironside™ family – which is already widely used in a variety of RFID applications from Finnish Lapland to Brazil, from tracking rail wagons to intermediate bulk containers – is now suitable for the reliable tracking of assets in the petrochemical, offshore and mining industries, or other applications where the RFID system is continuously or occasionally exposed to potentially explosive atmospheres.

in Press Releases | By Confidex | 03 April 2013

Confidex Contactless Smart Tickets Are Fully Up To Speed On RET Public Transportation System In Rotterdam

RET to benefit from cost savings, improved customer satisfaction and increased ticketing security

Confidex, the leading supplier of contactless smart tickets, today announced that its tickets are now fully implemented on the RET (Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram) public transportation system in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Confidex supplies RET with five million contactless smart tickets with NXP MIFARE Ultralight IC per year.

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