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in Press Releases | By Elatec | 03 August 2018

Multi-Standard RFID Reader for Efficient Upgrading

Elatec, the experts in RFID, are proud to present the new TWN4 USB Front Reader, another version of the company’s successful TWN4 MultiTech 3 BLE model. This new RFID reader can be plugged into any device using an easily accessible USB connection in order to quickly and easily set it up for an authentication solution. It is perfectly suited for applications in secure printing and authentication, as well as computers, industrial machines, or medical devices.

The TWN4 USB Front Reader supports all of the common RFID standards in the frequency ranges 125 and 134.2 kHz as well as the 13.56 MHz band, doing this in the skilled tradition of Elatec RFID readers. Additionally, it can also support BLE and NFC and mobile solutions for iPhones and Android smartphones.

in Press Releases | By Elatec | 14 December 2017

Elatec RFID Systems, manufacturer of RFID reader/writer modules, presents two new additions to its TWN4 MultiTech product range. TWN4 MultiTech 2 HF and TWN4 MultiTech 2 LF are multi-standard RFID readers, which give device manufacturers flexibility when it comes to the transponders used by their customers.

TWN4 MultiTech 2 LF supports all common RFID standards for frequency ranges 125 kHz and 134.2 kHz, with TWN4 MultiTech 2 HF covering 13.56 MHz standards, including NFC.

in Press Releases | By Elatec | 05 December 2017

The new Elatec universal RFID reader/writer module supports all current RFID standards for the frequency ranges 125 and 134.2 kHz as well as the 13.56 MHz band, including NFC. The latter, when combined with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), can allow iPhones and Android smartphones to be used for identification and wallet solutions.

As a PCB, designed for space-saving purposes, the TWN4 MultiTech 3 BLE is more compact than its predecessors, the TWN4 MultiTech and the TWN4 MultiTech 2 BLE. The 50 x 35 x 7 mm module can be delivered with customized protective housing. Upon request, additional interfaces can be implemented, such as CAN bus and OSDP/RS485 for industrial applications.

in Press Releases | By Elatec | 16 May 2017

TWN4 CONFIG Programmer

The TWN4 CONFIG Programmer is a kit which contains an RFID writer, special contactless TWN4 Configuration Cards and an App. Project specific reader settings are configured in the App and then encoded onto the TWN4 Configuration Cards. When the programmed Configuration Card is swiped over a reader, it adopts the new settings.

in Press Releases | By Elatec | 28 April 2017

Multi-standard readers provide flexibility

Elatec RFID Systems attends the 10th Belgrade Future Gaming fair (30–31 May 2017). The specialist in developing RFID readers and writers will present versatile multi-frequency and multi-technology devices at the international gaming fair in Belgrade, Serbia. Highlights of the presentation at Booth E2 Hall 3 of Belgrade fair include the TWN4 MultiTech 2 BLE reader, the TWN4 Configuration Card for convenient contactless configuration of RFID reader devices, and various modules that are ready for integration.

in Press Releases | By Elatec | 22 March 2017

Within the field of electronics, AMPER is one of the most important trade fairs throughout Central and Eastern Europe. At AMPER we will be showcasing our close proximity contactless (RFID, NFC, Bluetooth) and contact (SmartCard) readers/writers, which are designed to empower hardware developers, system integrators and companies that offer end solutions.

in Press Releases | By Elatec | 10 March 2017

RFID, NFC, Bluetooth – all-in-one reader with contactless configuration

Elatec RFID Systems, a specialist in developing RFID readers and writers, will be exhibiting at embedded world in Hall 3, Stand 3-239 (Messe Nürnberg 14–16 March 2017). Alongside versatile multi-frequency and multi-standard devices, Elatec will be showcasing advanced rollout solutions for radio identification systems: contactless reader configuration using RFID cards and RFID standard recognition of random RFID tags.

in Videos | By Elatec | 03 February 2014

RFID Card Analyzer and Development Kit

The TWN4 Tech Tracer Kit was developed for the primary purpose to determine the RFID transponder technology at the customer facility by presenting the customer card and reading the result on PC.

in Articles | By Elatec | 30 July 2013

Mix of technologies increases migration pressure

RFID systems are established in hospitals and clinics for instance to control the access. The use of readers which are capable of communicating at different frequencies and with multiple transponder technologies increases the patients' comfort during their inpatients stay, as different systems can be operated by a single transponder. Furthermore contactless means of identification provide support for the visit and documentation by the treating doctors and thus allow real cost reduction for health facilities.

in Articles | By Elatec | 11 July 2013

Technology mix increases the migration pressure

In the area of ​​payment systems and access solutions in hospital canteens and bistros RFID technology is well established. However, if not a complete system is installed, occasionally many different sub-systems are created. This results in having to work with various reader modules for device manufacturers. „The migration pressure is especially in Europe huge, as the technology landscape is rugged“, says Stefan Haertel, Department Director RFID at Elatec. Readers who master not only multiple radio frequencies, but also nearly all transmission standards and modulations, provide investment security and added values and cost savings in innovative applications.

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