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in Press Releases | By Kathrein | 22 October 2018

Quick and easy installation

With the new ARU 2400, Kathrein Solutions is launching a RAIN RFID reader on the market that is as easy to install as it is to operate!

With its slim, smart design, durability and functionality, the reader can be used in a variety of applications. The powerful RAIN RFID interface known from Kathrein and the robust design are also present in this 27-dBm class reader.

The ARU 2400 offers new mounting and connection options. The housing of the ARU 2400 can easily be installed in existing shelves using the mounting points for the so-called ITEM profiles. The plugs and sockets are just as easy to operate. For both the power supply and the terminal block of the digital inputs and outputs, a terminal strip with screw terminals – which allow direct cable installation – is installed.

Come and see the new ARU 2400 at the Kathrein Solutions booth at RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2018 on October 30 & 31 in Darmstadt near Frankfurt, Germany!

in Press Releases | By Kathrein | 13 September 2017

Kathrein is starting a global collaboration in the field of electronic vehicle identification (EVI) with Tönnjes E.A.S.T., the leading German licence plate manufacturer.

in Articles | By Kathrein | 30 January 2017

Kathrein starts with the next generation of RFID systems!

The requirements for modern identification systems are increasingly defined by ERP architectures. Compared to a large percentage of RFID systems which are equipped either with a serial or a proprietary port, today only a few percent are equipped with a slow and non-network-ready protocol. The reason lies in a constant need for optimisation and efficiency gains in a production and logistics environment.

By Thomas Brunner, Head of Business Line IoT Solutions, KATHREIN Group

in Press Releases | By Kathrein | 15 November 2016

Kathrein, a leading international specialist for reliable, high-quality communication technologies, has been honoured for its technological leadership in the field of RFID. Global consultancy Frost & Sullivan gave the Product Line Strategy Leadership Award to Kathrein for the outstanding added value that it offers to its customers. Particular tribute was paid to the fact that the company combines expertise in both RFID hardware and software.

in Articles | By Kathrein | 08 September 2016

With a reorientation towards a stronger focus on providing solutions, the Kathrein Group is looking ahead into the future

Highly sophisticated hardware and software is the key to value-adding future-proof IoT solutions. The Kathrein Group recognised that this is a successful model and already achieved this synergy two years ago. The reason is obvious: future-oriented companies always endeavour to implement smart complete solutions and to holistically realise processes. Kathrein now orientates its solution business totally towards its customers.

Today, the business field of Kathrein RFID is a part of the “Solutions Business Unit” and bears the name “Kathrein IoT Solutions”. Jürgen Walter, as Senior Vice President, is responsible for the “Solutions Business Unit”. Thomas Brunner, as Head of Business Line, manages the “Kathrein IoT Solutions”. When interviewed by “RFID im Blick”, both managers describe the strategy that lies behind the reorientation and how IoT applications are driven globally, as well as how customers all around the world can benefit from this spirit of change.

Jürgen Walter, Senior Vice President, Solutions Business Unit, and Thomas Brunner, Head of Business Line Kathrein IoT Solutions, Kathrein Group, in an interview with “RFID im Blick Global”

in Press Releases | By Kathrein | 02 May 2016

Kathrein, a leading international specialist for reliable, high-quality communication technologies acquired the company noFilis located in Ismaning on 1 May 2016. The company develops and sells platform-independent software for integrating RFID/AutoID systems and sensor devices into ERP and SCM systems. As a result of this takeover, Kathrein can now offer RFID hardware and software expertise from one source. At the sector’s world leading trade fair, the RFID Journal LIVE! in Orlando from 3-5 May, the companies will already be making a joint appearance.

in Articles | By Kathrein | 10 December 2015

noFilis established AIDC-standard solutions and has launched a new repository for unresolved challenges

noFilis is relying on more than ten years of experience gained through numerous projects with more than 250 customers in 30 countries around the world. This expertise is now available for standard applications, easily solving complex challenges in industrial production and logistics. This is a big step forward for AIDC applications – as it was a common assumption that UHF RFID applications in particular, require time-consuming test and pilot phases. At the same time a repository for cross-enterprise electronic data exchange was developed closing existing gaps in value chains.

Martin Dobler, CTO, and Patrick Hartmann, Global Sales Director, noFilis, in an interview with „RFID im Blick“

in Articles | By Kathrein | 10 June 2015

In the long term, UHF RFID will replace existing RFID applications because of its greater function range and superior performance

Intelligent data generated by smart RFID solutions forms a crucial part of efficient, transparent processes. To achieve this, the use of innovative UHF technology is essential, maintains Emre Gürbüz, from Kathrein RFID. UHF offers not only a significantly greater function range, for example identifying sources of interference or enabling direction recognition, says the Sales Manager, but also has the potential to enable a crossenterprise data flow. “Only when all relevant stages of production are supported by UHF RFID can the potential of the technology achieve 100 per cent – including processes between companies,” says Emre Gürbüz.

Emre Gürbüz, Sales Manager RFID, Kathrein RFID, in interview with “RFID im Blick”

in Press Releases | By Kathrein | 10 February 2015

The revolutionary AUTO ID system ARU CSB ELC with automatic detection of direction

Due to a good idea and a good concept, we could set on top in the category „Identfikation, packing, loading, securing loads“ and were first awarded with the prize for „Best Product LogiMAT 2015“.

in Press Releases | By Kathrein | 03 September 2014

Fast and reliable detection of vehicles in the parking management

At Munich Airport, a new RFID UHF Automatic Vehicle Identification System for Central car parks is in operation now.

The latest generation of the Kathrein RFID´s ARU4 series © KRAI technology allows a quick and reliable detectionof vehicles in the area of parking space management system of the company Skidata.

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