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Senior Director of Sales, Europe, Eurasia, Africa & India
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in Articles | By MOJIX | 16 November 2017

Fixed RFID hardware and innovative software solutions help realise a truly connected IoT

At NRF 2017, Mojix presented the Turbo Antenna for inventory in fashion retail. The antenna solution enables fashion retailers to solve the so-called static tag challenge that occurs with non-moving UHF RFID tags. Scot Stelter, Vice President, Products US, Mojix, not only points out the benefits of the new antenna for fashion retail, but also talks about other possible application areas, as well as the advantages of fixed RFID hardware, and enabling the IoT.

in Press Releases | By MOJIX | 06 October 2017

Etisalat, the largest integrated service provider in the Middle East and Africa, and Mojix, a leading provider of real-time IoT and connected business solutions, are partnering for the second consecutive year at the 37th GITEX Technology Week in Dubai on October 8-12, to showcase the “Store of the Future.”

The companies will introduce digitally transformed retail environments that feature industry leading wireless sensors and big data analytics for smart inventory, smart supply chains and customer engagement. Taking place at the Etisalat booth at the Dubai World Trade Center, the “Store of the Future” will display end-to-end solutions for connected retail stores including interactive demonstrations highlighting real-time inventory management, smart mirrors, smart gates, RFID-enabled trolleys, seamless checkout, blockchain, and other flexible, scalable and secure advanced solutions for retail environments.

in Articles | By MOJIX | 02 January 2017

Permanent inventory control: overhead antennas locate goods in warehouses and on shop floors

Manual inventory in retail is labour-intensive and time-consuming, even when RFID handhelds are used. The solution provider Mojix developed an inventory solution specially tailored for retail. It locates tagged goods on the shop floor and in adjacent warehouses around the clock and in real time, and also registers movements. Roelof Koopmans, from Mojix, speaks with “RFID im Blick Global” about the technology of the solution. He focuses on the benefits for retailers and the enhanced buying experience for customers.

Roelof Koopmans, Managing Director Europe, Mojix, in an interview with “RFID im Blick Global”

in Press Releases | By MOJIX | 04 June 2015

Leading Wireless Sensor Network Provider and Next-Generation Software Platform Combine to Accelerate Enterprise IoT Solution Adoption

Mojix, the leading provider of wireless sensor network solutions, today announced the acquisition of TierConnect and its subsidiary CodeRoad, the creators of a state-of-the-art platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) recently launched as “ViZix.” This acquisition enables Mojix to offer comprehensive and fully configurable software solutions with advanced analytics, enabling end-to-end business intelligence and data visibility across multiple industries. This will further bridge the gap between its RFID hardware platform, the edge and IoT.

in Press Releases | By MOJIX | 17 April 2015

To Realize Vast Potential of Wireless Sensor Networks & Internet of Things is the goal

Mojix, the global leader in wide area sensor networks, today announced the completion of its $14 million Series D financing round. OMERS Ventures, the venture capital arm of the OMERS pension fund, led the round. Mercury Ventures, as well as all previous investors, also participated in the round. As a result of the round, Rainer Busch, Managing Partner, Mercury Ventures, Kent Thexton, Managing Director, OMERS Ventures, and Bandel Carano, Managing Partner, Oak Investment Partners, will be joining the Mojix Board of Directors.

in Press Releases | By MOJIX | 16 April 2015

Enabling Dramatic Improvements in the Realization of Benefits to the Connected Enterprise

Mojix® Inc., the leading provider of wide-area sensor network solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its ViZix™ business intelligence software for Internet of Things (IoT) Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). ViZix™ is an IoT business intelligence platform designed to integrate sensor data, reporting and visualization options, creating a truly agile connected business.

in Press Releases | By MOJIX | 17 April 2014

Industry’s first wide-area, fixed infrastructure RFID solution optimized for retail

Mojix®, Inc., the leading provider of wide-area passive UHF RTLS RFID solutions, announced the production release of its OmniSenseRF™ advanced inventory tracking system for retail use cases. Leveraging Mojix’s unmatched domain expertise in passive UHF RTLS design and development, OmniSenseRF™ features a continuous inventory count engine and an item location engine that leverages Mojix’s experience and patented technology for Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) using phased array antennas. The result enables value-driven retailers to achieve unprecedented levels of inventory and physical location accuracy of tagged goods. The solution, based on Mojix’s line of STAR array receivers, includes all hardware and software required to enable continuous, perpetual inventory, item tracking and location identification. The OmniSenseRF™ solution has proven to significantly boost same store revenue in retail deployments, enabling unprecedented inventory accuracy, leading to reduced out-of-stocks through improved replenishment. OmniSenseRF™ item location engine enables omni-channel retailers to significantly improve pick and ship from store operations, find misplaced items and monitor inventory movement throughout the store.

in Press Releases | By MOJIX | 10 January 2014

Mojix announced that BP won first place in the Energy sector from the 2013 European Supply Chain Excellence Awards for its ground breaking supply chain system to track global movement of construction materials for a multi-billion dollar double platform to be deployed in the North Sea.

in Press Releases | By MOJIX | 07 May 2013

Mojix® Inc., the leading provider of wide-area passive RFID solutions, announced that industry leader BP appointed Mojix to deliver track-and-trace technology, for the Clair Ridge oil platform construction that will operate in the North Sea off the coast of Scotland. This solution provides real-time visibility of oil platform components moving from suppliers located around the globe to the platform's construction site. BP is using this solution to monitor and manage the supply chain which includes tracking crates, Heavy Lift and Out of Gauge equipment, containers and vessels to improve the efficiency and safety during the construction. Mojix's STAR 3000 System delivers next-generation wide-area passive radio frequency identification (“RFIDV) technology at warehouses and yards creating supply chain visibility resulting in cost savings and risk mitigation for the Oil and Gas industry giant.

“Mojix has delivered a complete and innovative tracking solution that allows BP to monitor its cargo throughout the whole supply chain process, this ensures that we can manage our materials in a more planned and efficient manner,” said Andy Dovey, Material management PSCM team lead for BP Clair Ridge. “Mojix is pleased to have been selected by one of the world's largest companies to monitor all critical assets in a complex project such as the Clair Ridge project,” said Dr. Ramin Sadr, CEO and founder of Mojix. “Our technology brings significant new efficiencies, risk mitigation and cost savings to the entire supply chain that supports an offshore platform construction. We are pleased BP recognizes the value our technology brings to this important project.”

BP deployed the Mojix STAR 3000 System as the cornerstone of its global track-and-trace of the supply chain for the construction of the Clair Ridge platform in Asia. Two different types of tag technology are used by BP including passive EPC Gen 2 RFID tags on all materials and components and Global Positioning (GPS) sensor telemetry tags on containers and heavy equipment. The passive tag and GPS location information is consolidated from around the globe into the Mojix's centralized, web-based, visibility platform. Finally, commercial ocean vessel tracking information is integrated to the same centralized visibility platform giving BP an unprecedented single-point of view of the location and flow of goods on roads, oceans, and warehouses. Mojix's track-and-trace solution along with its STAR 3000 provides BP with 24 by 7 continuous visibility of all materials needed to contruct the new Clair Ridge platform.

About BP Clair Ridge

BP and their partners ConocoPhillips, Chevron, and Shell received approval from the UK Government to progress to the second-phase development of the Clair oil field, 75 km (46.6 mi) west of Scotland's Shetland Islands. Clair extends over an area of 220 sq km (85 sq mi), in water depths of around 140 m (459 ft). The second phase of the development, named Clair Ridge, will target the part of the field north of Clair Phase 1. The Clair Ridge project calls for construction and installation of two new, bridge-linked platforms, both due to be installed in 2015 with production slated to start the following year. These facilities are being designed to extend production from the greater Clair area through 2050 and will involve a capital investment of roughly $7 billion. Phase 2 has been engineered to produce 640 MMboe and to serve as a hub for future expansion, subject to further appraisal. At peak, production should near 120,000 b/d of oil.

in Press Releases | By MOJIX | 20 June 2012

The Third Largest European Retailer Expands its Roll-Out of Mojix Passive RFID

Mojix Inc., the leading provider of wide-area passive RFID technology, today announced that REWE Group, the third largest retail group in Europe, has expanded its Mojix STAR implementation to more than 15 REWE Distribution Centers in Germany. Mojix provides REWE with the industry's only wide-area passive radio frequency identification (RFID) reader infrastructure, allowing REWE to have ubiquitous real-time visibility on its returnable transport items (RTIs) into its supply chain.

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