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in Articles | By NXP Semiconductors | 15 December 2017

NFC in Electronic Shelf Labels enables energy-efficient shelf management at low cost

With NFC-enabled Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), wrong price indication, non-transparent processes, and unsatisfactory customer interactions are a thing of the past. In retail, the NFC technology significantly adds up to standard ESLs which display the price and facilitate the stock management, by enabling price updates at any time, simplified customer interactions, reassignments, firmware updates, and much more via a simple tap on an NFC-enabled smartphone. Fabrice Punch, Marketing Manager, NXP Semiconductors France, spoke with RFID & Wireless IoT Global about the benefits and potentials of the energy-efficient and versatile, shelf management solution.

in Articles | By NXP Semiconductors | 23 October 2017

From Fashion Retail to Food Retail, chip manufacturer NXP Semiconductors is betting large on RFID

Whether billions saved in inventory costs, supply chain accuracies of close to 100 percent in fashion retail or surveying the shelf life of fresh food, there is no denying the possible applications and benefits of RAIN RFID in retail. For chip manufacturer NXP, RAIN RFID has long developed into a keystone for the retail market.

Ralf Kodritsch, Director Segment Manager RFID Solutions, NXP, gives detailed insights into RFID trends and holistic perspectives on the market for which NXP provides a broad product portfolio.

Ralf Kodritsch, Director Segment Manager RFID Solutions, NXP, in an interview with “RFID & Wireless IoT Global”

in Press Releases | By NXP Semiconductors | 06 October 2017

Billons of objects can be connected to the iOT via NFC-capable iPhones

NXP Semiconductors introduced a new toolkit for NFC tagging ICs with iOS support, which unlocks the potential to now connect billions of consumer and industrial products to the Internet of Things. With Apple’s announcement, earlier this summer, to support NFC read capabilities for NFC Forum-compliant tags, NXP’s portfolio of advanced NFC tagging chips can now be designed into solutions used with iOS 11 on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X models.  

in Articles | By NXP Semiconductors | 28 August 2017

NXP‘s comprehensive technology solution for food retailers reduces food waste, boosts sales, and increases environmental protection

Food retailers face major challenges: non-transparent flows of goods, food waste due to expired products, and dissatisfied customers. Food scandals and product manipulations also pose a risk. A modernisation process could be an answer. But which features do technological innovations need to fulfil to generate benefits and a sustainable ROI for the retailer?

NXP Semiconductors offers a holistic NFC sensor and RAIN RFID Tag IC solution for tracking and tracing, temperature monitoring, moisture detection, tamper detection, and more in food retail. In an interview with “RFID & Wireless IoT Global”, Ralf Kodritsch shows how technological modernisation provides product transparency, product security, optimised internal processes, increased sales, more environmental protection, and enhanced customer loyalty.

Ralf Kodritsch, Director Global Segment Manager RFID Solutions, NXP Semiconductors, in an interview with “RFID & Wireless IoT Global”

in Articles | By NXP Semiconductors | 22 May 2017

Intelligently timed relays, device-to-device communication, failure diagnosis, and more - NFC enables various use cases in industry, logistics and maintenance. As one of the pioneers behind the technology‘s development and standardization, semiconductor manufacturer NXP is driving forward the adoption of NFC technology beyond the realm of the Consumer IoT.

Richard Schmidmaier, Senior Marketing Manager, NXP Semiconductors, in an interview with “RFID & Wireless IoT Global”

in Press Releases | By NXP Semiconductors | 07 April 2017

NXP and GCL Technologies Deliver IoT and NFC Solution for Wine and Spirits Closures to Promote and Protect Brands

NXP Semiconductors and GCL Technologies, the Technological Research Center of Guala Closures Group, a world leader in security closures, announced that after one year of intensive research and development, both companies are proud to present the industry’s first fully integrated and mass scalable Near Field Communication (NFC) tamper evident closure solution dedicated to the wine and spirits industry.

in Articles | By NXP Semiconductors | 21 December 2016

NXP to provide smart city technologies to Columbus, OH, winner of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge

NXP Semiconductors N.V. announced that its highly advanced technologies for smart cities, including sophisticated vehicle communications solutions, RFID tagging and Smart Card ICs, play a key role in Columbus, Ohio’s winning proposal for the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (D.O.T.) Smart City Challenge. NXP, through its partnership with the D.O.T., is working with Columbus to help deploy wireless technology allowing cars to securely exchange data, prevent accidents and improve traffic flow, as well as Smart Card ICs to make secure public transportation access fast and easy for credit- and cash-economy-based passengers alike.

By “RFID im Blick“ with information from NXP

in Press Releases | By NXP Semiconductors | 27 October 2016

Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) and NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) today announced a definitive agreement, unanimously approved by the boards of directors of both companies, under which Qualcomm will acquire NXP. Pursuant to the agreement, a subsidiary of Qualcomm will commence a tender offer to acquire all of the issued and outstanding common shares of NXP for $110.00 per share in cash, representing a total enterprise value of approximately $47 billion.

in Articles | By NXP Semiconductors | 26 August 2016

Although more than five billion UHF (RAIN) tags were sold worldwide in 2015, NXP understands that the technology needs to be developed to meet future needs, and to significantly advance the IoT.

The times has passed when RFID applications were used only in production and logistics, far away from the interests of consumers. RFID technology is increasingly entering peoples’ lives around the globe: in smart homes, or when shopping or making payments. For NXP, the global market leader for RFID ICs, there are clear signals that security issues are increasingly coming to the fore. Ralf Kodritsch thinks it is important to listen carefully to which market requires which specific technical solution, in order to best advise users.

In an interview with “RFID im Blick Global“, the Director of the Global Report and Segment Manager for RFID Solutions and his colleague Brintha Koether, Senior Director & GM Payments report on the challenges of developing the right solutions for the changing market demands and for different country-specific needs.

Ralf Kodritsch, Director Global Segment Manager RFID Solutions, and Brintha Koether, Senior Director & GM Payments, NXP Semiconductors, in interview with “RFID im Blick Global“

in Press Releases | By NXP Semiconductors | 20 July 2016

NXP today expanded its advanced portfolio for plug-and-play (Near Field Communication) NFC solutions with Arduino™ add-on boards and the release of PN7150, a high performance NFC controller with integrated firmware and NCI interface. The expanded portfolio enables easier and faster integration of NFC technology in consumer electronic devices, especially in OS-based systems.

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