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in Articles | By Nedap Deutschland | 02 July 2015

RFID solutions in the retail sector require special readers, which provide benefits for stores in terms of design and technical features

Besides different sector-specific features, the design of the applied RFID readers is more important in the retail environment than in any other sector. “RFID readers that are used in the store must fit as seamlessly as possible into the overall visual concept”, reports Andreas Lorenz, Nedap Retail. The Sales Director speaks with ‘RFID im Blick’ about what paths are chosen and which technological RFID reader innovations have become part of large roll-outs in the retail sector. Nedap Retail also considers easy integration, the benefits for Omni- Channel Concepts and the scalability of investments are benefitting classic retail stores.

Andreas Lorenz, Sales Director, Nedap Retail, in interview with ‘RFID im Blick’

in Videos | By Nedap Deutschland | 17 February 2015

Retailers achieve over 98% stock accuracy and uplift sales without major investments

Nedap, a global leader in loss prevention and stock management technology for the retail sector, launches its new cloud-based software platform !D Cloud at the upcoming EuroCIS trade show, held in Düsseldorf from 24 - 26 February 2015. !D Cloud is the first solution in the market that enables retailers to significantly improve their on-shelf merchandise availability without major investments or changes to their existing IT infrastructure.

in Articles | By Nedap Deutschland | 09 December 2014

Solutions of Nedap make stores around the world more sustainable, more profitable, and a safer place

Around the globe, services and solutions for retailers in loss prevention, stock management, and store monitoring are needed. Nedap‘s aim is to simplify retail management while improving your customers’ shopping experience. Many RFID applications developed by Nedap, including solutions at Adler Modemärkte or Wolky, demonstrate impressively how RFID technology optimizes the in-store inventory accuracy.

Interview with Rob Schuurman, Managing Director of Nedap Retail

in Articles | By Nedap Deutschland | 26 May 2014

RFID in Retail

Ready to Sell at Any Time!

Innovative RFID solutions effectively banish a worst case scenario, many shop operators already got to know: A customer who does not find what he is looking for in the shop and a salesperson who does not know that the desired article is still available in the warehouse. Does every retailer actually have to make this experience? „No!“ is the answer of Nedap Retail, a company specialized on retail processes. Many RFID applications developed by Nedap Retail – for instance solutions applied at Adler Modemärkte or De Wolky Shop – demonstrate impressively that using the technology improves stock accuracy and product availability sustainably. The pressure on stationary retailers rises. A rapidly increasing number of online shopping portals bring tensions to the industry. In dialogue with „RFID im Blick“, Sabine Stockmann, Business Development Manager at Nedap explains, how easy it is to start using RFID technology for retail companies and which different options retailers can take advantage of to be „ready to sell“ at any time.

in Articles | By Nedap Deutschland | 21 October 2013

Inventory in textile trade

„Ready to sell“ thanks to RFID

Goods can only be sold if they are available in the shelves. What sounds so simple is in fact sometimes hard to realize. Many factors make it difficult for retailers to keep an exact stock overview. Companies miss chances to generate sales by carrying out an inventory only once a year. An RFID based inventory can result in numerous benefits for retailers and generate new potentials.

By Sabine Stockmann, Business Development Manager, Nedap Retail

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