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in Press Releases | By OPC Foundation | 13 December 2017

How to realize secure data exchange and communication in industry? The OPC Foundation Security User Group answers this question by publishing its first whitepaper “Practical Security Recommendations”.

Rapid growth in the networking and digitization of industrial systems has introduced a host of new security challenges that must be addressed systematically to be effectively mitigated. In particular, beyond the need for implementing secure network infrastructures, it is essential to protect product and production data moving throughout the systems.

Device vendors, engineers, and system integrators need to ensure they use these technologies in a secure way. While industry acknowledges the need for data security and that the OPC UA standard offers the means to do so – OT and IT professionals alike are often unsure on how to best get started.

in Press Releases | By OPC Foundation | 12 December 2017

German appliance manufacturer Miele has decided to consequently use the OPC UA Standard in their device manufacturing and join the OPC Foundation. The integrated security providing encryption and signing is comprehensively implemented throughout Miele.

One major advantage of OPC UA is provision of standardized interfaces within different systems. Wasted time caused by integration, when inventing the wheel over and over again, has mostly come to an end. With that the real task - transporting data content - comes back into focus.

Reducing engineering efforts in communication technology, i.e. in highly flexible production processes like Industrie 4.0, dramatically decreases cost.

in Press Releases | By OPC Foundation | 11 December 2017

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA), in association with the OPC Foundation, has announced an OPC UA companion specification for the CLPA’s new “CSP+ for Machine” technology to further ease the implementation of Industry 4.0 type applications.

CSP+ for Machine is an extension of the CLPA’s existing “CSP+” (Control & Communication System Profile) that provides easy network configuration and maintenance by offering profiles that describe each device on a CC-Link IE or CC-Link network. CSP+ technology has been established for some time and provides easy drag and drop network configuration from CSP+ files provided by CLPA partner vendors, allowing convenient device libraries to be created.

in Press Releases | By OPC Foundation | 15 November 2017

The OPC Foundation is organizing its first workshop of 2018 in order to ensure that all OPC products continue working together. The gathered experts will validate interoperability for all required interfaces and functions, as well as validate interoperability for any optional interfaces where practical.

The foundation members will document interoperability issues that occur for purposes of adding clarity to the OPC specifications.

in Press Releases | By OPC Foundation | 20 September 2017

Samsung Electronics Joins the OPC Foundation to Accelerate Enabling Interoperable Industrial IoT Edge Platform

Samsung Electronics, as one of the biggest manufacturers in the world, becomes a Corporate Member for a goal of interoperable Industrial IoT edge platform powered by the OPC UA framework in its manufacturing infrastructures.

in Press Releases | By OPC Foundation | 25 August 2017

The OPC Foundation is pleased to announce that it has joined “The OpenGroup” and plans to actively participate in The Open Process Automation™ Forum initiative recognizing the extraordinary value that “The Open Group” is doing and specifically the activities of The Open Process Automation™ Forum.

in Press Releases | By OPC Foundation | 12 May 2017

This OPC Day conference will be held at the Microsoft Dev Conference Center, in Copenhagen. The conference will feature OPC Unified Architecture experts and users from a number of industries. Catering will be included during the conference sessions.

in Articles | By OPC Foundation | 04 April 2017

OPC Foundation Outlines Road Map For 2017 and Beyond

2016 was a very successful year for the OPC Foundation. 2017 will be even better, the OPC Foundation‘s General Assembly reported: In a joint conference, members of the global board reflected on the OPC Foundation‘s work in the past year and outlined the next steps in the worldwide development and adoption of the OPC UA interoperability standard. With important upgrades, more regional chapters, more certification labs, and more partnerships, the OPC Foundation aims to make 2017 their best year yet.

in Press Releases | By OPC Foundation | 14 July 2016

OPC-UA-Integration of AutoID-Devices towards “Industry 4.0”

Within the last two years OPC Foundation and AIM-D e.V. created the AIM OPCF AutoID companion specification in the AIM working group “System Integration” with the aim to integrate AutoID devices into the OPC UA world. A first version of the paper was presented at the Hanover Industrial Fair 2015. At the Hanover Industrial Fair 2016 the updated Version 1.0 was presented – including the description of first prototypes and applications as well as incorporating the cloud-capacity of AutoID systems and sensor networks which become more and more important for the concept of industry 4.0.

in Press Releases | By OPC Foundation | 18 April 2016

OPC Press conference

Tuesday April 26th, 2016 from 16:00h – 17:00h
Convention Center, Ground floor, Room Munich

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