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H.-Joachim Priem

European Director of Sales

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in Press Releases | By Omni-ID | 21 June 2018

Imagine an inspector who walks the line on a busy 2-acre extraction spread every morning. With coffee in one hand and an iPad in the other, he checks the status of more than 13,350 equipment assets.

Not only does it all need to be accounted for, but also the inspection status must be up to date. People’s safety is at stake. How can you put eyes on so much equipment every day? The RFID tags throughout the yard “check in” with the app on his handheld device.

in Articles | By Omni-ID | 27 October 2014

Display transponders

Omni-ID presents RFID-based alternative to paper-based documentation and marking

E-paper instead of paper: As electronic manual, transponder in the supply chain management or asset tracking, View Tags allow a quick flow of information. Data can be updated via passive or active RFID-technology, infrared or WIFI and is displayed decentralized and locally. Vice versa, the contactless capture of the tagged objects enables the look at location data at a central instance. This system is already in use in industrial production.

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