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in Articles | By RAKO Security-Label | 30 June 2014

RFID for Fashion Retailers

Departure apart from the Mainstream

„Being an SME offers enornous advantages. This fact also applies to competition in retail. Fashion retailers with only a few stores have specific potential that they sometimes underestimate themselves. Cleverly using the individual rapidity and flexibility, multiplied with the right solution, means getting the required strength for the market“, says Michael Hedtke, Project Management Rako Security Label. Together with Thorsten Wischnewski, Divisional Director RFID, he explains how small and medium-sized fashion enterprises can prepare themselves for the future with targeted process optimization and why it is now an important moment to invest in an RFID solution.

Michael Hedtke, Project Management, Rako Security Label, in an interview with Anja Van Bocxlaer, „RFID im Blick“

in Articles | By RAKO Security-Label | 19 March 2014

Consumer Market

NFC and Cloud for End Users

Self-adhesive NFC stickers – for private use, as electronic business card, for contactless location-based settings, or to set the alarm clock automatically when the smartphone is put onto the nightstand – there is a broad range of creative possibilities. In addition to the online NFC label shop, Rako Security-Label starts the RFID Cloud to allow companies and end users to manage their RFID devices independent of time and place.

in Articles | By RAKO Security-Label | 24 October 2013


RFID integration successfully completed at the end of September

Until September 30 the company Rako Security Label implemented an RFID integration solution for a Cologne fashion company in Nairobi. Despite difficult conditions the RFID system for protection against theft including analysis software could be implemented successfully.