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in Press Releases | By Rinas Gerätetechnik | 22 November 2017

Versatile encoder for RFID and Smart Card production with scanner enhancement

A durable stand-alone or OEM drop-in encoder for personalization bureaus wishing to process a variety of ID-1 sized RFID and / or Smart Cards with optionally available scanner units operating in the IR or visible spectrum for data retrieval and automated processing tasks.

in Articles | By Rinas Gerätetechnik | 04 November 2015

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New RFID encoding system for continuous tickets allows a wide range of applications from public transport to customer loyalty

For the past 30 years, the name Rinas Gerätetechnik has stood for high-quality encoding systems with proven components, made in Germany, and an established OEM supplier for large mechanical engineering and card personalisation companies. Launching a new encoding machine for RFID continuous tickets, the encoding technology pioneer is taking further courageous steps in the RFID sector. With city passes, employee cards, and customer loyalty solutions, the company is already aiming at the target markets of the ticket sector.

Armin Rinas, Managing Director, Rinas Gerätetechnik, interviewed by „RFID im Blick“

in Videos | By Rinas Gerätetechnik | 17 April 2015

Affordable universal encoding

Compact personalization machines for the card and ticketing market are plentiful and packaged elegantly for the desktop market but their reliance on home-grown expertise in the form of encoders or print modules is often their shortfall. They are relatively simple to use but tend to be expensive to operate when considering their consumables – and of course the majority of them just cannot process paper tickets or cater for different MagStripe or RFID encoding schemes. Servicing of these units is also a factor not to be ignored – especially when considering the quality of encoding if it is to fulfill ISO standards, for example.

in Videos | By Rinas Gerätetechnik | 19 December 2014

The RFE encoder has been designed to process both continuous and perforated tickets of differing lengths and widths; all that is required is a print mark on each ticket for correct positioning. All current RFID standards have been catered for as has ISO7811 for MagStripe encoding of HICO and LOCO tickets.

in Press Releases | By Rinas Gerätetechnik | 21 November 2014

Ingenuity combined with years of dedicated knowhow has resulted in a new form of personalization system for continuous or perforated paper / TFC labels or tickets.

Rinas, renowned specialists for magnetic stripe encoding and verification solutions, has thrown ingenuity and thought into a continuous ticket or label personalization system that is both scalable and adaptable. Known as the RFE, this novelty has absorbed many months of planning and preparation so that customer’s needs are exactly catered for regardless whether preparing package labels, tickets or peel-off stickers!

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