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in Press Releases | By Securitag Assembly Group | 14 March 2017

SAG earns the reputation as a leading label supplier through premium quality control, a variety of label sizes to select from and unrivaled metal label production in reel format. We now expand our label portfolio with the new DESFire EV1 256B D29 label in order to answer more potential applications.

in Press Releases | By Securitag Assembly Group | 03 March 2017

Logimat is an international trade fair for distribution, material handling, and information flow. Logimat Exhibition sets new standards as one of the biggest annual intralogistics exhibitions in Europe. After their debut in 2015, SAG returns to Logimat 2017 with a new innovative product: the Overmolded Uni Metal Tag. Usually, UHF metal tags are applied to the front surface of a metallic item such as the door of an electrical control box, and it faces the reader for optimal performance. Now, with the Overmolded Uni Metal Tag's unique antenna design, it still performs well when being on the back side of the metallic item. The tag performance is enhanced to improve convenience in RFID tagging and to boost efficiency in intralogistics. The tag is enclosed by a PA9T industrial-grade plastic housing, making it suitable for harsh environments and daily use.

in Press Releases | By Securitag Assembly Group | 24 January 2017

Due to full-fledged smart label production and years of close cooperation, SAG has been selected as by Texas instrument as the inlay manufacturer and partner to continue the supply of legacy products Tag-It Pro and Tag-It Plus. Four antenna sizes are available for both Tag-It Pro and Tag-It Plus (from 45x45, 45x76, 22.5x38 to Ø24.2 mm).

in Press Releases | By Securitag Assembly Group | 03 January 2017

With a strong focus on access control technologies and market trends, Intersec has become a hub for brand name players worldwide. SAG, with one-step-ahead innovation, presents a variety of RFID transponder solutions to employ in your applications. The SAG PETF card, featuring high temperature resistance, will be the centerpiece of our booth, along with our Overmolded Pear Keyfob and Aqua Keyfob. Also, visitors are welcome to see our newly-introduced UV inkjet printing solutions which enable printing your artwork with 3D effects. We anticipate your visiting to our stand in Taiwan Pavilion.

in Press Releases | By Securitag Assembly Group | 27 October 2016

IP69K describes an enclosure to be dust-tight and able to withstand high pressure and steam cleaning. Gradually, it has become a norm to apply an IP69K-certified tag for industrial purpose. SAG hears your voice and has an hard tag (by plastic injection of PA6) proved to survive all required testing according to IEC/EN 60529. With a variety of PA6 overmolded hard tags on the shelf, SAG can assist your applications in the ecosystem of Industry 4.0 or other high end ones.

in Press Releases | By Securitag Assembly Group | 24 October 2016

After a huge gain of expert‘s interest in our SP metal tag, 0503 NFC Ferrite Tag, and Data Logger at Hannover Messe and RFID tomorrow, SAG will continue the momentum in a more diversified and versatile applications with RFID potential at the upcoming Electronica in Munich, Germany.

in Videos | By Securitag Assembly Group | 11 October 2016

With focus on the industrial market, SAG has developed behind-metal transponder to facilitate different applications. True to its name, the tag is still readable when placed behind metal. The new arrival SP Metal Tag comes with EU-band and a robust overmolded plastic housing (PA9T) for process monitoring and optimization in logistic, production, manufacturing or IoT. Last September the SP metal tag was successfully presented the RFID world at RFID tomorrow 2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany – the biggest RFID show in Europe.

in Press Releases | By Securitag Assembly Group | 23 August 2016

Once again, SAG is going to make its presence at Auto ID Expo in Tokyo Japan. This year, we excel ourselves by bringing higher advanced items -- 0503 NFC Ferrite Metal Tag to reach your applications to a new boundary. Come and visit us at:

in Press Releases | By Securitag Assembly Group | 01 August 2016

To ensure the safety and premium quality of perishable goods (such as fruit and dairy products) or medical items, monitoring the temperature during the transportation is of its value and importance. Cold chain management offers benefits for supplier, logistic service provider and end user to understand the temperature/humidity change during the whole process. It also helps provide evidence if any dispute occurs. Data (point of temperature/humidity) collection requires sensor technology and RFID facilitates a contactless transmission. SAG has its capability to shape both technologies into a new product – Data Logger, to answer this kind of demands.

in Press Releases | By Securitag Assembly Group | 29 June 2016

SAG is again exhibiting at Security Expo in Melbourne Australia from July 20th to July 22nd. This year, you will see our advanced manufacturing and printing techniques elevate the look and touch of Aqua Keyfob and Overmolded Pear Keyfob to make your access control solution with a style. Come and visit us at:

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