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in Articles | By Securitag Assembly Group | 16 June 2016

On-Metal, In-Metal and Behind- Metal transponders and sensor transponders to be launched in 2016

The Taiwanese transponder manufacturer focuses strongly on industrial applications in 2016. A newly developed series of On-Metal, In-Metal and Behind-Metal transponders as well as RFID sensor tags completes the portfolio of the company. Stanley Chen from SAG speaks with “RFID im Blick Global” about new product developments and the main focus of the company in 2016.

Stanley Chen, Marketing Specialist, Securitag Assembly Group (SAG), in an interview with “RFID im Blick Global”

in Press Releases | By Securitag Assembly Group | 13 June 2016

The MIFARE Advanced Partner status is granted to companies which have proven their outstanding support of the MIFARE eco-system over several years in close alignment with the NXP MIFARE team. It is an honor to be entitled of this status which endorses SAG’s principal of only using the genuine chips to make our transponders stay in their top quality in terms of electrical performance. We are proud to say this out loud.

in Press Releases | By Securitag Assembly Group | 17 May 2016

For Computex 2016, SAG level up as a top-notch RFID transponder manufacturer. This year, we will amaze you with our new items which challenge the general rules. We go further to team up with your creative ideas to benefit different applications. Come and visit us at ….

in Press Releases | By Securitag Assembly Group | 09 May 2016

SAG redefines the mini size on-metal tag by releasing the 6mm PCB metal tag which is the smallest tag in its category in the market. The 6 mm round tag, empowered by NXP ICode SLIX, is ideal to be attached onto small object or item where no sufficient room is allowed. With adhesive backing, you can easily put this tag to work for item level tracking or asset management.

in Press Releases | By Securitag Assembly Group | 30 March 2016

Industrial 4.0 facilitates the vision and execution of a “Smart Factory” to embrace automation, data exchange and manufacturing technologies. All these create a value chain to connect different things and lead to the idea of IoT which is the new gold rush for more possibilities. As RFID plays an important role for this revolution, to team up with your idea for a creative application, SAG will make our debut at 2016 Hannover Messe to showcase our firepower in RFID transponder solutions.

in Press Releases | By Securitag Assembly Group | 16 March 2016

Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM) is a memory technology that combines the best of RAM and ROM. FRAM is ideal for applications that require high-performance, non-volatile and large memory. FRAM offers several major advantages over EEPROM, including its speed, endurance, low power consumption, security, and tolerance for radiation. Looking at all these features, SAG build hard tags with MB89R118/119/112 powered by Fujitsu to target demands from industrial and health care sectors. Constructed by overmolded process, these tags are certified to have its outstanding capability to reach a heavy-duty level.

in Press Releases | By Securitag Assembly Group | 19 February 2016

UHF FLEXIBLE TAG is a robust and waterproof RFID tag for long-distance tracking. This tag is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPV) housing, a flexible but robust material widely used as automobile hoses. Built by overmolding process, it can be used in harsh environment and delivers read ranges from 26 ft (8 m) to 32 ft (10 m) while being mounted on non-metal surface.

in Press Releases | By Securitag Assembly Group | 26 January 2016

Known as the knowledgeable smart label manufacturer, SAG is one of the two selected partners to continue the legacy of TI (Texas Instruments) inlay products. This will ensure continuity of supply to customers who have bought these inlay products produced from TI after the inlays are withdrawn from the market.

in Press Releases | By Securitag Assembly Group | 08 October 2015

It’s official! We’re excited and proud to announce that SAG just went public and is officially trading on Taipei Exchange.

in Press Releases | By Securitag Assembly Group | 22 May 2014

sBand operates at 13.56MHz high frequency RFID technology

 RFID wristband is always a popular choice for access control, e-payment, e-ticketing and NFC applications. SAG is delighted to launch a new version of RFID silicone wristband – sBand which operates at 13.56MHz high frequency RFID technology.

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