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Dean Frew

Chief Tecnology Officer and Sr. VP for RFID Solutions
SML Group

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in Press Releases | By SML | 26 February 2018

SML RFID, global leader in delivering high-performance and high quality encoded RFID tags for the majority of successful RFID retail projects, has today announced it has become a member of Auburn University’s RFID Center and taken a seat on its board of advisors.

in Press Releases | By SML | 17 January 2018

New SML GB4U8 RFID Inlay Delivers an Unrivaled Combination of Read Performance and Size for Item-Level RFID Retail Market

Retail RFID solutions provider SML introduced the first production ready small form factor RFID inlay for the retail industry using the super high sensitive RFID chip, UCODE 8, from NXP.

The GB4U8 RFID inlay, is fully compliant with GS1 EPC/RFID Gen2v2 standard, supports RAIN RFID with global UHF frequencies and meets the following Auburn University RFID Retailer Performance Specifications: Spec A, B, C, D, M, G, Q, F, and Spec N. GB4U8 RFID inlay, measuring only 42x16mm, is the first small format inlay in the RFID history to pass all active categories including F and N, making it ideal for use by omnichannel retailers in store and supply chain deployments around the world.

in Press Releases | By SML | 12 January 2018

SML is an established global leader in delivering high performance and high quality encoded RFID tags for the majority of successful RFID retail projects around the world. In addition, SML is one of the top item-level RFID software solutions companies with more than 1000 stores live.

SML announces their entry into six tangential markets that can benefit from item-level RFID solutions, sharing many of the same business case elements and omnichannel models that are driving adoption in the apparel and footwear segments. SML has identified the following market segments to pursue item-level inventory management:

  • Mobile phone and accessories
  • Cosmetics & Fragrance
  • Eye Wear
  • Wine & Spirits
  • Food
  • Retail Pharma
in Articles | By SML | 09 February 2017

SML provides clients with easy-to-use RFID solutions and a worldwide service network to help retailers take efficiency to the next level

With its first investments in RFID in 2010, SML has become one of the leading RFID companies. Delivering over one billion RFID tags and having retailers perform over five billion RFID transactions on SML software in 2016, the company holds a significant market share in retail RFID solutions. Dean Frew, CTO of SML RFID, speaks with “RFID im Blick” about intelligent replenishment solutions, Retail 3.0 and SML RFID‘s perspectives for 2017.

Dean Frew, CTO & SVP RFID Solutions, SML Group, in an interview with “RFID im Blick Global”

in Press Releases | By SML | 15 November 2016

SML opened its new RFID Demo Center in Mettmann, Germany, on November 8. Experts from all over the world explained to visitors how RFID solutions can optimise retail and warehouse processes and create both fast and long-lasting ROI. By deploying RFID technology, customers can increase sales, create new marketing channels and reduce cost-intensive overstocking as well as inventory shrinkage and loss.

in Press Releases | By SML | 11 October 2016

The RFID Solution Innovation Center in Mettmann answers any questions about the integration of innovative technology in the retail sector.

As a global leader in RFID in retail, the SML Innovation Center in Mettmann is one of six planned RFID Demonstration Centers worldwide. SML RFID is bridging the gap between theory and reality and makes innovative retail solutions tangible.

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