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in Press Releases | By Siemens | 21 January 2016

Zollner Elektronik AG relies on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology from Siemens. The manufacturer uses the Simatic RF200 system for module and final assembly of its power electronics units used in electric vehicles. The RFID system is integrated into the production processes via IO-Link. Key criteria which persuaded the Upper Palatinate-based company to opt for Siemens technology included the heat resistance of the mobile tags, the low system costs and the easy connection to modular controls.

in Articles | By Siemens | 25 November 2015

RFID roll-outs are facilitated by standards with semantic information, simplified automation and IT integration and readers that can be swiftly configured

The digitisation of value chains will in the future result in an even stronger suppliers integration in production networks. Connecting RFID with IT plays a crucial role. The big challenge, however, will be the data networking of all those involved. The automotive industry offers the best conditions for doing this, because suppliers and OEMs, more than other industries, are already networked to create added value, explains Markus Weinländer, Siemens. Markus Weinländer talks in the interview about how the step from closed-loop to open-loop identification can be accomplished and how Siemens is promoting the Digital Enterprise.

Markus Weinländer, Siemens, in interview with ‘RFID im Blick’

in Press Releases | By Siemens | 04 November 2015

New 8 kilobyte transponder series

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) systems use radio waves to localize and identify objects. The Simatic RF200 is an RFID system from Siemens which is particularly suitable for use in industrial production in the areas of for small assembly lines and intralogistics. To allow to objects to carry a large amount of data locally, Siemens has extended its RFID portfolio to include a new series of compact, rugged transponders based on the ISO standard 15693. The new models come with an eight kilobyte memory capacity, and their Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FRAM) technology supports an unlimited number of write cycles at high speeds.

in Press Releases | By Siemens | 10 September 2015

Siemens has added a new ID-key-operated switch to its portfolio of Sirius Act push buttons and signaling devices. The new key-operated switch based on RFID(Radio Identification Frequency) technology uses radio technology to allocate access rights smoothly. Service engineers, for instance, receive extended access rights enabling them to adjust industrial machinery and equipment as auxiliary staff.

in Press Releases | By Siemens | 10 August 2015

Mobile write/read device for RFID system series Simatic RF200

Siemens is expanding its Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system Simatic RF200. to include a new mobile write/read device, the Simatic RF210M. The new handheld reader is designed to be used in manual and reworking stations for order picking, track-and-trace tasks as well as tool identification.

in Articles | By Siemens | 13 July 2015

The trend towards Industry 4.0 is not only a key issue for discrete manufacturing, but for process manufacturing as well

The digitalisation of processes and information is not restricted to one industry, it is an issue in all sectors – not just for discrete manufacturing, explains Herbert Wegmann, General Manager Industrial Communication and Identification, Siemens. RFID is also an important lever for Industry 4.0, creating a strong chain of processes within companies and across industry borders.

Herbert Wegmann, General Manager Industrial Communication and Identification, Siemens, in interview with ‘RFID im Blick’

in Press Releases | By Siemens | 02 April 2015

Siemens is expanding its RFID product range, Simatic RF600, with new transponders that have considerably greater memory capacities and a compact mobile read/write device. With a capacity of 4 KB, the new UHF RFID data carriers, RF622T and RF622L, enable large volumes of data to be stored on tagged objects as well as facilitating rapid access to them.

They are therefore ideally suited to use in distributed configurations for example in the fields of production control, asset management and intra-logistics. Siemens is also launching the new mobile handheld reader, Simatic RF650M. This enables reliable identification of a large number of transponders at a range of up to three meters. The device is specially designed for logistics and service applications.

in Articles | By Siemens | 12 January 2015

New UHF-reading devices featuring special tools speed up integration and reduce project costs

RFID-systems in the ultra-high frequency range have been revolutionizing the management of production- and logistics chains for about ten years. However, apart from the benefits which include cheap labels and high reading ranges, UHF-systems have a number of technical challenges. A new device generation that integrates helpful tools enables a quick realization of UHF-projects while minimizing downtimes.

By Ingo Hecker, product manager RFID-systems, Siemens

in Press Releases | By Siemens | 08 October 2014

Siemens will be exhibiting in a new location in Hall 11 (Frankenhalle) at the SPS IPC Drives under the banner "Making Things Right" with a comprehensive overview of its portfolio. Visitors can look forward to a wide range of product innovations across every field from industrial software, automation and drive technologies to services.

in Videos | By Siemens | 13 June 2014

SIMATIC Ident delivers a wide variety of advantages for tool management. This fast, reliable identification system eliminates error sources and its greater transparency enables the tool stock to be utilized to optimal effect - and it ultimately increases quality and productivity.

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