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in Articles | By Siemens | 11 March 2014

Who Shapes the Future of Identification and Automation?

“Any technology, no matter how innovative or value-enhancing it is, needs a strong driving force in order to be successful“, said Markus Weinländer, Product Management Director, Simatic Ident at Siemens when “RFID im Blick“ was on site for a visit at the Industry Automation division. “That applies to both sides: to the companies using the technology, as well as the manufacturers“, the identification expert continued. In the “RFID im Blick“ interview, Markus Weinländer explained which goals Siemens pursues in the automation sector, what his “Industry 4.0“ point of view is, and why, from an economic point of view, versatile manufacture is not manageable without identification technologies, such as RFID.

in Articles | By Siemens | 29 October 2013

Industrial production

Continuous identification through all stations within the supply chain – through UHF for industry this production and logisitics managers' vision becomes reality for industry, too. UHF RFID technology according to EPCglobal standard forms the basis.

By Markus Weinländer, director product management Simatic Ident, Siemens AG Industry Automation

in Articles | By Siemens | 08 August 2013

Integration is increasingly becoming a subject of commodity

Interview with Markus Weinländer; Product Management Director Simatic Ident, Siemens

in Articles | By Siemens | 11 March 2013

Industrial Identification as Backbone Technology for „Industrie 4.0”

In the course of the fourth industrial revolution (Industrie 4.0), as a high-tech initiative of the German Federal Government, even shorter innovation cycles and application-specific product availability are among the future challenges faced. At the same time, inventories need to be reduced through just-in-time concepts and production facilities be optimally utilized. The use of RFID and optical identification results in flexible production concepts, which in the future will allow for fast material flows across companies and provide manufacturers with competitive advantages.

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