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in Articles | By Winckel | 30 November 2016

RFID technology has been endlessly debated for quite some time now within industry and retail. Certainly, it has evolved rapidly in recent years and is becoming more and more important. RFID technology makes it possible to broadly identify objects in large quantities. German companies employ the term “Industry 4.0” widely and are working hard to figure out new ways in which the technology can improve business. RFID and Industry 4.0 are directly linked to each other. The company Winckel has demonstrated this clearly with its latest technology developments.

Written by Jörg Bald, Managing Director, Winckel

in Articles | By Winckel | 16 June 2015

“Insular thinking gets in the way of RFID integration”

RFID technology is a lever for achieving efficient processes in the automotive industry. The currently available hardware is technically mature and manageable for integrators, despite their complexity. Companies that want to use RFID in their processes need a partner who knows the industry inside out and understands both the processes of the manufacturer and those of the suppliers. Mediation between all concerned parties is the crucial piece of the puzzle to achieve efficiency-enhancing RFID applications. However, in order to make the right decisions from the beginning of an RFID project, we need a holistic view and extensive system know-how, and this is what is offered by Winckel.

Jörg Bald, Managing Director, and Dr. Erhard Schubert, RFID Project Management, Winckel, in interview with “RFID im Blick”

in Articles | By Winckel | 12 November 2014

„Information is the oil of the future“

Jörg Bald, CEO of Waldemar Winckel, in an Interview with Anja van Bocxlaer, „RFID im Blick“ discussed the development of customer’s wishes, the role of big data and the generation of information by using new analysis methods.

Since the technological development of RFID has already progressed very far. In the eyes of Jörg Bald the optimizing potential mainly lies in the generation of information and their analysis: RFID opens new sources for data mining – and linking this gained data to form these new sources into information in a centralized system allows the company to analyze existing processes, identify problems and to improve procedures.

in Articles | By Winckel | 04 June 2014

Linking operational data and business data bears an enormous potential to increase efficiency. Processes in the world of manufacturing are normally handled using controllers (PLC) with connected sensors and actuators. Order processing, materials management, warehouse management, and production planning are, however, rooted in the world of ERP systems.

in Articles | By Winckel | 14 May 2014

Automotive: Market Evaluation

Harmonization Provides the Basis for Effective and Successful Cooperation

The EPC standard meets all requirements for all supply chain participants to work together successfully and effectively, says Jörg Bald, Managing Director, Winckel. The settlement would, however, not proceed without discussion, he adds.

Jörg Bald, Managing Director, Winckel, in an interview with Anja Van Bocxlaer, „RFID im Blick“

in Articles | By Winckel | 28 August 2013

Sustainable system integration

„RFID has to work throughout all processes“

Surveying all processes from a solid base: This is the demand of the company Winckel for system integration. This was the only way processes could be optimized and initial investments offset, Jörg Bald is sure. Linking a solution's rollout solely to the costs he considered fundamentally wrong, he says and works it out on his own.

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