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in Press Releases | By deister electronic | 09 February 2017

deister electronic is presenting RFID based solutions for the healthcare field at the HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition 2017 in Orlando

 Sophisticated and sustainable RFID based solutions for the healthcare field are being showcased by deister electronic at the HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition 2017, from 19 – 23 February in Orlando, USA. System solutions for the entire healthcare sector are in focus at the stand at the well-known healthcare fair. deister electronic automates and rationalises time-intensive and sensitive areas using modern RFID technology.

in Articles | By deister electronic | 11 January 2017

A dual technology by Deister Electronic unites HF and UHF in one access card

RFID is a key technology in access control today. However, with conventional solutions the user has to carry several RFID cards for different systems. The alternative is using a hybrid card that leads to losses in performance. The ‘DualTechnology‘ solution by Deister Electronic provides a remedy: HF and UHF transponders are installed in the same card without affecting each other. Norman Maaß, developer at Deister Electronic, speaks with “RFID im Blick Global” about the card solution, the increasing demand for it, and the potential of the solution for the migration from HF to UHF.

Norman Maaß, Research & Development Engineer – UHF, Deister Electronic, in an interview with “RFID im Blick Global”

in Articles | By deister electronic | 18 November 2014

What belongs there?
RFID-based load carrier identification, determination of storage spaces, forklift guide-systems, order management, ERP- and LVS-linkage

„Automation offers companies potential savings in logistics that will bring them forward in international competition“, tells Christoph Hötter, Key Account Manager, Deister Electronic. Companies being opened up are aligning their warehousing to future requirements. They can not only be seen in the increasing demand for RFID-enabled load carriers within the last six months but also high-performance and reliable readers for the (partly)-automation of industrial trucks are requested more and more. „Right now, we accompany projects that are partly characterized by a high degree of complexity and a big scope. The effort is in no relation to the benefit RFID-based commissioning goods is able to offer for speed and reliability of the shipping through the means of enabling stock transparency and automated process – successfully completed projects are the motivator here.“

Christoph Hötter, Key Account Manager, Deister Electronic, in an interview with Anja Van Bocxlaer, „RFID im Blick“

in Articles | By deister electronic | 15 July 2014

„UHF opens up new vertical markets“

„In many respects, UHF is superior to HF. Especially in guided processes in intralogistics, we expect a changeover in technologies“, says Martin Hartwigsen, Deister Electronic. UHF readers of the latest generation meet all the necessary conditions.

Martin Hartwigsen, Sales & Marketing Manager, Deister Electronic, in an interview with Dunja Kandel, „RFID im Blick“

in Articles | By deister electronic | 29 April 2014

Supply Chain of Rubber Products

Flexible UHF RFID Polymer Transponder for Source Tagging During Vulcanization Process

Source tagging of car tires could be revolutionized by a new UHF polymer transponder. The special feature of this invention: Due to its flexible network structure, the tag can be integrated into flexible materials, such as tubes or rubber tires, right in the production process without changing the material chracteristics.

By Martin Hartwigsen, Sales & Marketing Manager, Deister Electronic

in Press Releases | By deister electronic | 06 March 2014

deister electronic shows practical examples in the logitics, healthcare, production, and access control sectors

On Friday, March 14, from 10.30 a.m. to 1.15 p.m., deister electronic organizes the program as partner of the CeBIT Forum AIDC/RFID 2014 with practical lectures and a roundtable das Programm.

in Articles | By deister electronic | 08 January 2014

RFID Solutions in the Laundry Industry

Avoiding Shrinkage, Saving Resources

Cleaning and supplying clothes, whether it is working clothes or bed sheets, are expensive services for hospitals, nursing care facilities, hotels and many other businesses which are however indispensable for the flawless daily routine. „The saving potential for laundry management services is significant and RFID applications open up this potential“, says Martin Hartwigsen, manager sales and marketing – identification and automation at the company Deister Electronic in dialogue with „RFID im Blick“.

in Articles | By deister electronic | 24 July 2013

Interview with Joachim Gonschior, Key Account Manager vanLoxx at deister electronic

No matter how comprehensive the overall system has to be, there is always the need for a controller to operate the system and for a locking element to be attached to one of the car doors. Ideally, the system includes an RFID reader. A transponder can serve as the key, similar to hotel room locking systems. The vanLoxx system can be upgraded to use more than the basic functions because it is based on a bus system which enables integration of further components such as locking elements, RFID readers or display and alarm units. Around 85 percent of the system delivered within the last 14 years use RFID technology. The driver for instance uses an LF transponder attached to a wristband to unlock and lock the car. Looking for the keys and using locks is no longer necessary.

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