Multi-Standard RFID Reader for Efficient Upgrading

Elatec, the experts in RFID, are proud to present the new TWN4 USB Front Reader, another version of the company’s successful TWN4 MultiTech 3 BLE model. This new RFID reader can be plugged into any device using an easily accessible USB connection in order to quickly and easily set it up for an authentication solution. It is perfectly suited for applications in secure printing and authentication, as well as computers, industrial machines, or medical devices.

The TWN4 USB Front Reader supports all of the common RFID standards in the frequency ranges 125 and 134.2 kHz as well as the 13.56 MHz band, doing this in the skilled tradition of Elatec RFID readers. Additionally, it can also support BLE and NFC and mobile solutions for iPhones and Android smartphones.

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  • Coverstory by NXP Semiconductors: Smart logistics is the key to a secure and fast supply chain
  • Current use cases by Wiegand, Public Prosecution service in Qatar, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, Singapore General Hospital, Silent Partner Technologies, and Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
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  • 52 pages of exclusive articles about RFID, NFC, and BLE
  • Coverstory: Norrøna Sport talks about RFID in the retail supply chain
  • Current use cases by Mercedes-Benz Vans, Trafik Stockholm, Israelite Hospital Services, Charité CFM Facility Management, and LoeschPack
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The platform for stations with passion for travel experience

Myvia takes personalized travel experience to a new era by using predictive intelligence and improving operational efficiency.

Myvia is a leading platform that enhances the user experience and increases operational efficiency at airports, train stations, and metro stations.

As a travel data aggregator, we at Confidex increase our customers' insight with our in-depth understanding of travel metadata - based on proven industrial wireless IoT technologies.

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HID Global provides connectivity from a single source with RFID and BLE

Precision, accuracy, and efficiency are key benefits of integrating RFID technologies into your operational environment. Contactless RFID is a proven technology for the track-and-trace of assets and provides essential capabilities for optimizing and automating industrial workflows and logistics. However, business stakeholders are demanding faster and more substantial results using fewer resources. As you can imagine, this puts additional pressure onto supply chain, manufacturing, and other operational functions across the organization.

It‘s the old adage: do more with less.

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B-Id's fingerprint ID smart cards enable driver authentication, employee identification, and customer security applications worldwide

Energy-efficient biometric fingerprint ID smart cards – with or without a rechargeable battery – are no longer in the prototype stage, but are ready to be put into live operation in multiple use cases worldwide. Yiwen Jin, Managing Director, B-Id, speaks with RFID & Wireless IoT Global about the company’s market-ready smart card solution that has been deployed in driver authentication and employee and customer identification applications. The focus of the interview: the benefits and possible deployment areas of the solution, as well as future innovations that combine fingerprint technology with RFID and Bluetooth, for example.

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New in March 2018: RFID & Wireless IoT Search Engine!

Today, is your first stop online for every wireless IoT research. Information on hardware and software, consulting, use cases, products and provider contacts are presented by category. The result: over 1,000 users visit the website each day. Numerous initiations of business start on this platform.

The name of the new online product – the RFID & Wireless IoT Search Engine – stands for a broad scope of information, globally available 365 days per year, 24 hours per day. The new portal publishes information about products, company profiles, and solutions in one single central research platform. Usability is created by categorising companies and products, as well as a well-thought-out structure and intuitive links between information.

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The new Elatec universal RFID reader/writer module supports all current RFID standards for the frequency ranges 125 and 134.2 kHz as well as the 13.56 MHz band, including NFC. The latter, when combined with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), can allow iPhones and Android smartphones to be used for identification and wallet solutions.

As a PCB, designed for space-saving purposes, the TWN4 MultiTech 3 BLE is more compact than its predecessors, the TWN4 MultiTech and the TWN4 MultiTech 2 BLE. The 50 x 35 x 7 mm module can be delivered with customized protective housing. Upon request, additional interfaces can be implemented, such as CAN bus and OSDP/RS485 for industrial applications.

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Farsens offers RFID and Bluetooth sensor solutions for all industries

Spanish sensor specialist Farsens specialises in proprietary RFID and BLE sensor solutions for numerous applications. The company's ICs are able to supply and communicate with external components. Farsens' product portfolio also includes battery-free RFID sensors and actuators of all types: temperature, pressure, force, LED, relay, switch monitor, and much more. In addition, they also offer battery-assisted Bluetooth sensors. Mario Rey, Commercial Director, Farsens, reports about possible application areas in predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, or temperature control. He gives insights into current projects in healthcare and agriculture.

Mario Rey, Commercial Director, Farsens, in an interview with “RFID im Blick”

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HID Global, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, has been at the forefront of helping organizations around the world to streamline processes by securely connecting equipment, devices, inventory, and many other assets to local and web-based business applications. The company draws upon its market insights from deploying identification and sensing technologies to identify today’s leading technology drivers that are transforming the industrial and commercial landscape.

HID identified the follow drivers for the adoption of trusted identification and sensing technology:

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