RFID tomorrow: from 2011 to 2017

Hamburg, Hanover, Dusseldorf ...

Since its launch in 2011, RFID tomorrow has been growing steadily and purposefully. Year after year the international RFID & Wireless IoT event achieves growth in all sectors – companies in the exhibition, speakers, forums and topics as well as participants.

Originally being an exclusively German-speaking congress targeting the DACH area, RFID tomorrow today aims for European and global markets as an internationally oriented, English-language event.

While 65 participants participated in the first congress in Hamburg in 2011, RFID tomorrow 2016 already recorded a total of 550 participants on two congress days.

RFID tomorrow history

Topic diversity – make 2 out of 1!

Since 2014, RFID tomorrow has been organized as a two-day congress. On the first day of the conference, Developer Day, technological developments and innovations, system integration and software implementation as well as standardization and research will be the focus.

On the second day of the conference, User Day, project managers from companies in the fields of industrial production, trade and supply chain, security and healthcare report on successfully implemented applications.

Know-how transfer in the exhibition

Just like the diversity of topics and the number of participants, the participation of international companies in the exhibition has grown steadily – from 7 to 55 companies from 15 nations. Experienced manufacturers, software experts and integrators ensure an effective knowledge concentration at RFID tomorrow.

The exhibition will showcase innovations, discuss ideas, substantiate projects and create new businesses together with the participants.

Conclusion: The concept of a highly qualified exhibition and competent lectures has made RFID tomorrow an indispensable international event in the heart of Europe!

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RFID tomorrow 2017

RFID tomorrow 2017 Brochure

You will find all the central information about RFID tomorrow 2017 on 12 pages in the brochure:

  • When and where does the RFID & Wirless IoT Event take place?
  • Which topics and forums are planned on which day?
  • What can participants expect on Developer and User Day?
  • How can participants get to RFID tomorrow 2017 and where can they park?
  • How many speakers and exhibitors are expected?
  • What does the event area look like?
  • How much are the participation fees and are there any special offers?

Download the brochure now to prepare yourself for the RFID tomorrow 2017 in the best way possible!

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RFID & Wireless IoT Global 04/2016

Discover the right product with 160 product entries!

The fourth issue of “RFID im Blick Global” contains the comprehensive and up-to-date RFID and NFC Product Guide 2017 with over 160 entries in the following categories: RFID Printers, RFID Readers, Mobile RFID Readers and Handhelds, RFID Modules and Antennas, Smart Labels, Smart Cards, Integrated Circuits, RFID Transponders, NFC, and Machines and Processing Systems. The catalogue, published once a year, has become even more international, more differentiated and more stringently structured.

The Product Guide supports users in choosing the right hardware for their solution!

RFID and NFC technology today and tomorrow

The 16 articles on new developments and innovative technological leaps showcase the state of the art in RFID and NFC today, as well as the applications and products of tomorrow. Manufacturers, distributors, and solutions providers come together to help users optimize their processes, whether in manufacturing, maintenance, logistics, retail, healthcare or security.

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RFID + Wireless IoT Global

»RFID & Wireless IoT Global«

Magazine for Wireless Data Transfer
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What does the subscription contain?

You will receive 6 issues of the English-language specialist magazine "RFID & Wireless IoT Global". The expected publication months are: February, April, June, August, October and December. (Short-term postponements are possible.)

"RFID & Wireless IoT Global" can only be ordered in digital format. When subscribing, you will receive personalised access to the download centre so that you can conveniently download the issue in secure PDF format during the month of publication. In future the magazine will also be available as APP!

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Elatec RFID Systems

  • Manufacturer of contactless proximity reader/writers
  • Manufacturer of contact SmartCard reader/writers
  • Manufacturer of RFID components – antennas, reader/writer modules
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