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INNOVATION – Creating the future

“Innovation is our watchword, and goes hand in hand with talent to ensure that NXP takes the lead in the markets in which it operates. Through innovation we protect our competitive edge, helping our customers differentiate new and unique applications for modern consumer electronics that positively affect all aspects of life. Today we are working towards the future, focused on the megatrends of energy efficiency, connected devices, security, and health. By aligning our innovations with these areas, we key into growth-market revenue streams. Not only that, our close collaboration with customers and key eco system players plays a fundamental role in the advancement of modern society: as the world changes, its needs and product requirements evolve, and this is the source of our innovation.”

Written by Ralf Kodritsch, Director Segment Manager RFID Solutions

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exceet Card Group, a member company of exceet Group, now offers a customizable wristband with integrated payment function. To make a payment, all the user needs to do is load a credit balance onto a SIM-card-type EMV payment chip and insert it into the certified aperture in the armband. The use of wearables for authentication purposes has been in the test stage for some time now. Now, exceet wristbands are ready for contactless payment in everyday use.

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Cover Story: Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto relies on RFID by Feig Electronic in the OR Area

A new level of patient care and providing of OR status reports. Ellie Lee, Manager OR Information Management Services, SUNNYBROOK HEALTH SCIENCES CENTRE, in an interview with “RFID im Blick Global”

Topic: RFID in Fashion

GERRY WEBER: The RFID success story continues ... After five years of successful RFID use, the RFID pioneer relaunches RFID system for 800 stores, laying the ground for future innovations. | More time for customers thanks to RFID: The Norwegian fashion retailer MOODS OF NORWAY quickly rolled out RFID in their stores. | NFC and E-Commerce belong together: From the shelf directly to the online shop! Having an NFC sticker on a product fills the missing link to the online world, and creates genuine added value through customer interaction. Ralf Kodritsch, NXP SEMICONDUCTORS, in an interview with “RFID im Blick Global”.

Topic: RFID and Automotive

The World's First: MERCEDES-BENZ in Bremen is testing a new RFID tag for the detection of moisture during leak tightness testing. | New generation RFID tags tested by VOLVO CARS: The newly developed Confidex Corona Tag is designed to provide a greater safeguard against failure for Volvo Cars while simultaneously decreasing investment costs | Passive UHF sensor tags revolutionise production quality: TURCK and its technology partners bring a sensor tag to the market which redefines processes with a special focus on the automotive industry.

Topic: RFID in Health Care

OSLO UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL installed an RFID solution with great success: Idesco installation offers a high level of security and a full access control system. | RFID controls autoclave temperature! Sterilisation will benefit from quality assurance solutions based on the use of passive RFID plus sensors by MICROSENSYS, starting in autumn 2016. | LJUBLJANA UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTRE launches its second RFID project phase: Successful RFID system solution for work wear management will be extended to hospital linen tracking. | Improve hygiene and save costs: Cabinet System Solution for scrubs reduces stock and meets hygiene requirements. Jos Fransen, ABG SYSTEMS Germany, in an interview with “RFID im Blick Global”.

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017 17:12

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From the shelf directly to the web shop! Having an NFC sticker on a product fills the missing link to the online world, and creates genuine added value through customer interaction

“UHF in the supply chain, NFC in the store – this is not a contradiction – quite the opposite”, says Ralf Kodritsch, NXP Semiconductors. From the NXP expert’s perspective, NFC is the crucial link to E-commerce and the most effective key stage for fashion retail. ‘RFID im Blick’ asks why retailers should put NFC stickers on their products in addition to having an RFID solution?

Ralf Kodritsch, Director of Marketing for RFID Solutions at NXP Semiconductors, in interview with ‘RFID im Blick’

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Online retailer Otto is testing NFC labels as product assistants

In November 2015, Otto gave the go-ahead for an innovative service-providing project. NFC technology - as part of the provided service - has been tested right up until January 2016. Customers ordering one of two coffee machines on the Otto website will also receive an NFC label. This means that an online product assistant can be contacted by smartphone or tablet. “RFID im Blick” talked with Dr. Thomas Schnieders, Director of E-commerce, Innovation & Platform, Otto about the goals of this test.

Dr. Thomas Schnieders, Director of E-commerce, Innovation & Platform, Otto, in interview with "RFID im Blick”

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HID Global®, a worldwide leader in secure identity solutions, today introduced new Brick Tag Ceramic UHF transponders and SlimFlex™ HF OM tags that are designed and architected to withstand environments requiring metal applications, while complying with evolving industry standards. The new tags demonstrate the company’s continued commitment to the rapid expansion of RFID solutions for industrial, Internet of Things (IoT) and near field communications (NFC) applications.

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Cover Story: The world‘s first - RFID detects leaks in cars!

Mercedes-Benz in Bremen is testing a new RFID tag for the detection of moisture during leak tightness testing

Topic: RFID and Industrie 4.0

Even if terms such as ‘Internet of Things’, ‘Industrial Internet’, ‘Smart Factory’ and ‘Cyber-physical Systems’ are sometimes used interchangeably – experts agree on the fact that RFID technology will be the backbone of industrial process development, or even that it already is. Like no other AIDC technology, RFID carries data from various processes to higher level control IT systems, which are necessary to establish smart, sustainable and efficient processes in industrial production.

Report: RFID and Automotive

Transparency and innovation are now more necessary than ever to bring sustainable concepts to the market. RFID technology is the method of choice to achieve transparency in manufacturing. The technology is no longer seen only as a means to an end, but as a next step, becoming part of the design – at least that is how it is now being considered.

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During Retail’s Big Show in New York, Smartrac has introduced Web DF, the industry’s first single chip HF and UHF inlay. Based on EM Microelectronic’s EM4423 IC, the new inlay is compliant with NFC and RAIN RFID technology standards and hence a perfect fit for retail-specific requirements. Smartrac Web DF comes in a compact form factor and can handle product authenticity verification and inventory management, as well as consumer loyalty tasks.

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Visit the Exceet Card Group at the Cartes 2015, Booth 4 L 020

The city of Stuttgart pioneers a way of accessing transport and leisure services and purchasing in Germany

Anyone who travels regularly by public transport requires a ticket. Anyone who wants to use a car-sharing vehicle requires a card, and if you want to pay you need a card, too. And with each card the thickness of your wallet increases. Working with numerous partners, the city of Stuttgart has adopted an ambitious project to enable a single smart card to make payments and access transport and other services – this has been developed by the company Exceet for the Smart City project. Fabian Rau of Exceet talked to “RFID im Blick” about the aims of the project, the functionality of the application and the future potential of a newly developed security token.

Fabian Rau, Head of Segment Logical Access Solutions, Exceet Card Group, in an interview with „RFID im Blick“

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