Cutting-edge technologies and solutions by the single-source technology partner for the production and personalization of smart cards, ePassports and RFID applications

The RFID technology is experiencing substantial growth in various applications: Garment tags for the apparel industry, NFC tags, RFID ski tickets, public transportation and event tickets - all of them can be produced on Mühlbauer systems. One crucial competitive advantage the Group has to offer is its turnkey solution, covering the complete RFID Smart Label production: Antenna Production, Inlay Assembly, Converting and Personalization.

From Thomas Betz, Managing Director, Mühlbauer

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Maintenance, service, e-marketing and inventory compilation by mobile phone

The Schreiner LogiData Competence Center has developed an NFC-Nameplate which enables smartphone users to read or write on tags and automatically access defined websites. Producers use the new tag for easier maintenance, targeted e-marketing and compiling inventories.

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Schreiner PrinTrust at Cartes 2015 in Paris, Booth 3 A 079

The Cartes 2015 specialist trade fair takes place from 17 to 19 November in Paris. At this global event for payment, identification and mobility, Schreiner PrinTrust will be presenting two of its highlights: the "Best Product" NFC-Sticker and a groundbreaking new development in the field of vehicle identification – the ((rfid))-Windshield Global Secure label. Both solutions allow consumers to experience mobile, contactless payment in its simplest form. The NFC-Sticker fits perfectly into the portfolio of card producers who wish to follow the NFC payment trend as early as possible. The behind-glass label is one of the first on the market to offer dynamic encryption, which identifies vehicles in the UHF range with great reliability. This makes parking tickets a thing of the past.

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Schreiner PrinTrust's next-generation EMV-compliant NFC-Sticker is now available as an OEM version of Austria Card. The NFC-Sticker for contactless payment is based on Infineon's SLE 77 chip and is supplied with ACOS, Austria Card's operating system. The advanced product complies with even higher security standards than its predecessors. The new NFC-Stickers have been available since the beginning of the year and have already been successful in early projects.

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Contactless is the Future of Fare Management, Vending, and Payment

The market for contactless applications is growing: in the coming years, almost all smart cards will have a contactless chip. This change will take place very quickly, even for credit cards. Payment and ticketing with NFC has been around for 15 years. But it is only now that the trend is picking up speed, once Apple, the last player in the market, implemented NFC. The market will now develop slowly, but steadily.

Industrial Production, Maintenance and Asset Management

Clearly identify and error free documenting with RFID

Fashion and Logistics

Increase sales - improve customer service

RFID in the Healthcare Sector

Avoid mistakes and improve patient safety

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Confidex, the world’s leading supplier of high-performing contactless ticketing, NFC and RFID tag solutions, announces today that it has exceeded the 500 Million pieces milestone in delivering personalized contactless tickets to over 65 major cities worldwide.

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eTicket technology brings more than just a switch from paper tickets to smart cards, with new developments bringing both challenges and benefits for the future

VDV eTicket Service is the operator of the VDV core application, which is now the standard platform used for eTicketing in Germany, benefiting millions of people mainly in urban areas. It sees itself primarily as the system developer, rather than administrator, and has new initiatives planned to allow for use of NFC smartphones, increased safety management and international standardisation. ‘RFID im Blick’ talked with Niels-Zeino Mahmalat, Managing Director at VDV eTicket Service, on the challenges and future for eTicketing systems.

Niels Zeino-Mahmalat, Managing Director, VDV eTicket Service, in interview with ‘RFID im Blick’

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The Latest from the Transponder Market: Current Products, Expert Interviews and Applications

No Network without Transponders - RFID is ready for RFID Mass Applications

RFID-sensors, new security features, higher memory capacity of Chip-ICs, even more stable bonding through Direct Bonding and SMT production as well as robust housing expand RFID’s usage spectrum – now also on the temperature scale of -196 to +250 degree Celsius – into a new dimension. Not least, progresses in Polymer technology further the aim of RFID in mass applications. Hence, for example, physicians of the TU Munich recently succeeded to watch the creation of polymeric electrodes during a printing process live. With the gained knowledge, they improved the electronic characteristics of the printed films.

Object Identifiation and Labelling - An Application Overview

Maintenance, asset management, inventory, documentation - must be everywhere regular equipment, technical facilities , equipment and other items tested, used and managed, is the unique identification at the beginning. A 16-page overview presents based 28 current examples from practice solutions, technology key figures and advantages from the use of different RFID transponder in the sectors building management, energy and waste management sector, industry, automotive industry, traffic and transport, logistics and medicine.

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Report: RFID Readers 2015

What is the status of RFID-reader technology in the year 2015? The answer is that the technology will be further refined, optimized regarding functional capacity, and combined with other technologies. In the field of passive UHF-technology, adaptive antenna technologies with self-optimizing options and selective reading integrate additional intelligence into the devices, create extended analysis functions, and lower the integration effort. The combination of RFID-technologies with sensors, overheads as a “new” class of reading systems, as well as active RFID-system solutions with alarm and localization functions, expand the application range.

The Future of Factory Automation

How is Manufacturing’s Future Changed by Industry 4.0? And Where Does RFID Fit in This Future?

At the Hanover Trade Fair 2015, looking to the future was one of the dominant topics: the future of the industry and the future of manufacturing. All voices present at the trade fair – exhibitors, politicians, and trade associations – agreed that this future is already beginning now. But how many concrete and graspable realizations driven by the visions of Industry 4.0 already exist today? What technologies and innovations are needed to establish a promising future for industrial manufacturing?

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Report: RFID System Integration

The technology is ready – is your company?

Does RFID-system integration work according to the books? Yes and no, is the answer of established system houses and solution providers this year. The numerous advantages and added-value of RFID-technology for the optimization of processes in almost all fields of a company becomes realizable when based on intelligent system solutions. The large number of possible applications, whose environment may vary considerably from company to company, is also the greatest challenge for the integrator. Therefore, even in 2015, simulations and tests of RFID-applications in a real-world environment remain an essential part of the system integration. However, the technology is mature and the solution provider’s know-how is extensive and complex. Those companies who bring an expert on board save costs, safeguard their investments, and are prepared for future challenges.

“RFID and Automotive” Report

The content of the “RFID in automotive” report includes stories such as RFID-based bumper production, identification of workpiece carriers, and networked production in the automotive supply industry. Furthermore, we report about current changes to the VDA, a special interest group representing the German automobile industry, industry recommendations, research about the integration of RFID into CFRP large series components, as well as NFC-based vehicle locking systems. Industry experts, technology and solution providers, and system integrators talk about their RFID solutions and expertise for the automotive industry.

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