As a provider of electronics components such as capacitors, resistors, sensors, resonators, and RFID technology with a yearly revenue exceeding 10 billion Euros and over 50,000 employees, Murata is one of the leading enablers of worldwide digitisation. “RFID im Blick” spoke to Alexander Schmoldt, Business Innovation Manager at Murata, about the challenges for the digitised world today – and how Murata has helped users meet these challenges since it was founded in 1944.

Alexander Schmoldt, Business Innovation Manager, Murata, in an interview with “RFID im Blick Global”

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Permanent inventory control: overhead antennas locate goods in warehouses and on shop floors

Manual inventory in retail is labour-intensive and time-consuming, even when RFID handhelds are used. The solution provider Mojix developed an inventory solution specially tailored for retail. It locates tagged goods on the shop floor and in adjacent warehouses around the clock and in real time, and also registers movements. Roelof Koopmans, from Mojix, speaks with “RFID im Blick Global” about the technology of the solution. He focuses on the benefits for retailers and the enhanced buying experience for customers.

Roelof Koopmans, Managing Director Europe, Mojix, in an interview with “RFID im Blick Global”

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NXP to provide smart city technologies to Columbus, OH, winner of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge

NXP Semiconductors N.V. announced that its highly advanced technologies for smart cities, including sophisticated vehicle communications solutions, RFID tagging and Smart Card ICs, play a key role in Columbus, Ohio’s winning proposal for the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (D.O.T.) Smart City Challenge. NXP, through its partnership with the D.O.T., is working with Columbus to help deploy wireless technology allowing cars to securely exchange data, prevent accidents and improve traffic flow, as well as Smart Card ICs to make secure public transportation access fast and easy for credit- and cash-economy-based passengers alike.

By “RFID im Blick“ with information from NXP

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Tracking Technology Tailored for Businesses

Daniel Dombach is the EMEA Director for Industry Solutions at Zebra Technologies, with a strong personal focus on Transportation & Logistics, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing. Previously responsible for Motorola Industry Solutions in the EMEA region, he moved on to Zebra Technologies following the company’s acquisition of Motorola Solutions Enterprise Business. His responsibilities include the Business Development of mobile solutions for all industry areas in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Based on his extensive market expertise, he delivers important impulses for the development of business segments and products as well as successful cooperation with customers and partners.

Written by Daniel Dombach, Director EMEA Industry Solutions, Zebra Technologies

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Industry and IoT pacesetter Smartrac is introducing new Grille and Fly UHF tags and inlays based on NXP’s UCODE 7xm ICs. Designed for tagging small items in demanding industrial applications in automotive and beyond, both new product lines offer excellent performance at light and medium loads plus superior orientation sensitivity.

Grille comes with a die-cut size of 25 x 25 mm (1.0 x 1.0 in), while Fly has a die-cut size of 15 x 15 mm (0.6 x 0.6 in). These dimensions make tags and inlays of both product lines suitable for the requirements of the automotive, aerospace and pharmaceutical sectors, among others. The new products make it possible to authenticate a multitude of standard plastic parts, such as door panels, car fittings or plastic covers in the trunk.

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Thursday, 15 December 2016 10:30

RFID & Wireless IoT Global 04/2016

Discover the right product with 160 product entries!

The fourth issue of “RFID im Blick Global” contains the comprehensive and up-to-date RFID and NFC Product Guide 2017 with over 160 entries in the following categories: RFID Printers, RFID Readers, Mobile RFID Readers and Handhelds, RFID Modules and Antennas, Smart Labels, Smart Cards, Integrated Circuits, RFID Transponders, NFC, and Machines and Processing Systems. The catalogue, published once a year, has become even more international, more differentiated and more stringently structured.

The Product Guide supports users in choosing the right hardware for their solution!

RFID and NFC technology today and tomorrow

The 16 articles on new developments and innovative technological leaps showcase the state of the art in RFID and NFC today, as well as the applications and products of tomorrow. Manufacturers, distributors, and solutions providers come together to help users optimize their processes, whether in manufacturing, maintenance, logistics, retail, healthcare or security.

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016 09:51

Robots in Retail : Yes, please!

An RFID robot that carries out automatic inventory, and directs customers to products? Sounds unusual! “Not at all,” says Dr. Johannes Trabert of MetraLabs, because the retail benefits are obvious: inventory is carried out swiftly and accurately, and costs are saved. When goods are out-of-stock, it is possible to detect this early. In the same way, goods which are in the incorrect place in the store can also be identified. And all of this happens completely automatically, without the need for valuable manpower. The employees in the store will have more time for the customer, for giving advice and selling. Soon, autonomous “shopping assistants” will be part of the everyday life of a store ...

Dr. Johannes Trabert, Co-Founder and Executive Partner, MetraLabs, in an interview with ‘RFID im Blick Global’

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HUR 120 USB is a handheld reader that allows the easiest way of integration of UHF RFID technology into everyday use. The reader is powered and controlled directly by a USB interface, thus allowing reading EPC Class 1 Gen2 UHF RFID tags. Thanks to its ergonomic shape and portability the reader is a perfect choice for various applications. This unit is ideal for USB handheld applications, in which high performance and advanced functionality is desired.

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RFID inlays are manufactured throughout the world for many purposes: for biometric passports, the contactless smart card market (e-ID, electronic healthcare cards, payment cards, public transportation) and for dual interface applications. At the same time, wire-embedded HF-RFID antennas are available and offer a number of advantages over printed, etched or galvanized variations. Among others, the ability to freely select shapes is enticing for card and passport manufacturers, since this can lead to competitive advantages. Further benefits such as environmental friendliness, durability and improved product quality should also be mentioned.

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RFID technology has been endlessly debated for quite some time now within industry and retail. Certainly, it has evolved rapidly in recent years and is becoming more and more important. RFID technology makes it possible to broadly identify objects in large quantities. German companies employ the term “Industry 4.0” widely and are working hard to figure out new ways in which the technology can improve business. RFID and Industry 4.0 are directly linked to each other. The company Winckel has demonstrated this clearly with its latest technology developments.

Written by Jörg Bald, Managing Director, Winckel

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