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Contact | Rinas
Rinas Gerätetechnik

Armin Rinas

Managing Director
Rinas Gerätetechnik GmbH

Phone: (+49) 7552-40588 44
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in Press Releases | By Rinas Gerätetechnik | 22 November 2017

Versatile encoder for RFID and Smart Card production with scanner enhancement

A durable stand-alone or OEM drop-in encoder for personalization bureaus wishing to process a variety of ID-1 sized RFID and / or Smart Cards with optionally available scanner units operating in the IR or visible spectrum for data retrieval and automated processing tasks.

Contact | RFID AZM

Philipp Eschlwech, M.Sc.

RFID Application Centre Munich
Technical University of Munich
Professor in High Frequency Technology

Phone: (+49) 89-289 25296
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in Articles | By RFID AZM | 22 November 2017

TU Munich's RFID Application Centre offers platform for scientific, application-oriented RFID research projects

Connecting scientific research and application-oriented users: The RFID Application Centre (AZM) of the Technical University of Munich offers a platform for joint research projects between users, technology providers, and academic researchers. Founded in 2008 in southern Germany, five institutes of the TU Munich started to combine the innovative potential of current RFID research topics with user inquiries in joint projects. The RFID AZM acts as motivator, consultant, agent, and training partner to encourage project collaborations.

Contact | Bluhm Systeme

Bluhm Systeme GmbH
Telefon: (+49) 2224-7708 0
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Bluhm Systeme

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in Articles | By Bluhm Systeme | 21 November 2017

Whether UHF RFID, HF RFID, or barcode: Identification creates safety

Until now, relying on high-end labelling and identification solutions was the prerogative of the high-cost pharmaceutical industry, other industries are now following suit. For Uwe Wolter and Kurt Hoppen, Bluhm Systeme, the reasons lies in the continuing trend towards the digitisation of all economic sectors.

“Labelling solutions are enabler for the adoption of digital concepts and strategies,” explains Kurt Hoppen. In order to meet this trend and the rising demand, development at Bluhm Systeme is constantly moving forward. In an interview with “RFID im Blick”, Kurt Hoppen and Uwe Wolter report on the deployment of labelling solutions for new processes and the software linking of objects and systems.

Kurt Hoppen, Member of the Executive Board, and Uwe Wolter, Product Manager RFID, Bluhm Systeme, in an interview with “RFID im Blick”

Contact | Contrinex
Contrinex Sensor

Oliver Schleicher

Managing Director
Contrinex Sensor GmbH

Phone: (+49) 711-220988 0
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in Articles | By Contrinex Sensor | 20 November 2017

Some Like It Hot

Leveraging the advantages of automated mass manufacturing while customizing the product to client-specific wishes are the hallmarks of so-called Mass Customization. In order to keep track of all processes throughout the various necessary phases of production, RFID systems support product identification. For the use in high temperature environments, Swiss sensor specialist Contrinex offers specialised HF RFID transponders.

By Pierre-Yves Dénervaud, International Product Manager, Contrinex

Contact | MOJIX

Torbjörn Andersson

Senior Director of Sales, Europe, Eurasia, Africa & India
Mojix Inc

Phone: (+46) 70-7403 243
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in Articles | By MOJIX | 16 November 2017

Fixed RFID hardware and innovative software solutions help realise a truly connected IoT

At NRF 2017, Mojix presented the Turbo Antenna for inventory in fashion retail. The antenna solution enables fashion retailers to solve the so-called static tag challenge that occurs with non-moving UHF RFID tags. Scot Stelter, Vice President, Products US, Mojix, not only points out the benefits of the new antenna for fashion retail, but also talks about other possible application areas, as well as the advantages of fixed RFID hardware, and enabling the IoT.

Contact | herpa print
herpa print

Wilfried Lentzsch

Vertriebsleiter RFID
herpa print GmbH

Telefon: (+49) 2245-9163 0
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herpa print

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in Articles | By herpa print | 08 November 2017

Company provides tailor-made solutions for healthcare, security, and more

Herpa Tech, Herpa Print's RFID division, provides customised labelling solutions to customers from healthcare, automotive, apparel, security, cosmetics, and others. With a strong focus on healthcare, the company not only offers RFID products but also stick-to-skin applications.

Peter Nilsson, CEO of Herpa Tech, talks about stick-to-skin cannulas and plasters, as well as the company's RFID solutions for pharmaceutical and security applications. Peter Nilsson also takes a look into the future, expecting Herpa Tech to grow by 60 percent in 2017.

Peter Nilsson, CEO, Herpa Tech, in an interview with "RFID & Wireless IoT Global"

Contact | Neosid
Neosid Pemetzrieder

Yilmaz Benzer

Sales Manager
Neosid Pemetzrieder GmbH & Co.KG

Tel: (+49) 2353-71 46
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in Articles | By Neosid Pemetzrieder | 07 November 2017

Expanded sensor functionality turns RFID transponders into multi-functional devices

With its RFID interface sensor, Neosid expands its portfolio with a new type of product. The innovative RFID tags are able to measure physical properties such as temperature, moisture, pressure, oscillation, or acceleration. Through additional sensor data, the quality of logistics and manufacturing processes can be improved. Matthias Höß and Yilmaz Benzer, Neosid, share their insights into new RFID applications in an interview with “RFID & Wireless IoT Global”.

Matthias Höß, Lead Developer, and Yilmaz Benzer, Sales & Marketing, Neosid, in an interview with “RFID & Wireless IoT Global”

Contact | Balluff

Oliver Pütz-Gerbig

Identification Product Manager
Balluff GmbH

Phone: (+49) 7158-173 400
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in Use Cases | By Balluff | 06 November 2017

Secure tool identification for 3,000 tools in 1.6 and 2.0 liter motor production

In a pilot project at the Volkswagen engine plant in Salzgitter, one of the flexible production lines is equipped with digital tool coding using BALLUFF RFID to verify the possibility of reducing tool changing times and making tool handling faster, simpler and more reliable.

The decision makers knew that they have laid the foundation for a great deal more valuable information with Tool-ID from BALLUFF.

By John Großpietsch, Freelance Editor for Balluff

Contact | Pepperl+Fuchs

Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH
Phone: (+49) 621-776 1111
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in Articles | By Pepperl+Fuchs | 03 November 2017

Use of RFID increases competitiveness of manufacturing processes

When the smart factory, Industry 4.0 or the Internet of Things are discussed, RFID always comes up. Why is this and is it justified? The goal of the smart factory, Industry 4.0 or the US counterpart, the Internet of Things, is a further increase in productivity in industrial production and logistics. Many approaches are currently being followed. This development will not simply lead to a single ideal solution in future. Rather, a larger number of technologies and measures will arise, taking productivity to another level in terms of various aspects.

By Dr. Klaus Schmitt, Product Manager RFID, Business Unit Systeme, Pepperl+Fuchs

Contact | SAG Securitag Assembly Group
Securitag Assembly Group

Stanley Chen

Marketing Specialist
(SAG) Securitag Assembly Group Co., Ltd.

Phone: (+886) 4-24925298 ext 1116
Taichung 412, Taiwan R.O.C.
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SAG Securitag Assembly Group

Company Profle

in Press Releases | By Securitag Assembly Group | 01 November 2017

Overmolded Pear Keyfob, originally designed and created by SAG, features 100 percent water resistance and outstanding colour contrast of laser marking; these make this keyfob one of a kind in its class. Its ultra-thin flat housing, with just 2.2 millimetres in thickness, and perfectly rounded edge elevate the RFID keyfob from a tool to a high value accessory.

Since its initial development, the success of this keyfob has been proven not only by millions of pieces sold worldwide, but also by the success of its worldwide use: It is used, among other applications, for securely locking luxury apartments and hotels in Monaco.  

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