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Contact | Impinj

Helmert van Maanen

Regional Sales Manager Central Europe
Impinj, Inc.
(+49) 170-2231319
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in Press Releases | By Impinj | 25 July 2017

Impinj introduces the Impinj Speedway R120 one-port, enterprise-grade fixed reader that connects RAIN RFID-enabled items to the Internet. The Speedway reader portfolio now includes three models to support one, two, or four antennas with expansion up to 32 antennas. Speedway readers deliver industry-leading performance with proven enterprise-grade reliability, and enable users to right-size their reader selection for applications in retail, healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing.


Andreas Löw

Marketing and communication

Phone: (+49) 6471-3109 0
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in Use Cases | By FEIG ELECTRONIC | 21 July 2017

Feig provides access control with RFID for snow and more

When winter lasts half a year and produces one metre of snow, snow disposal is one of the most important tasks that a municipality can face. The 191,000-person town of Regina, Canada, requires a budget of 6.5 million Euros for snow and ice removal each year. In order to reduce that amount, Regina relies on innovative solutions: with RFID technology from FEIG, the city of Regina was able to automate access control to its municipal snow disposal – and cut down on costly unlicensed dumping.

Silvana Cantalini, Vice President, RFID Canada, in an interview with “RFID & Wireless IoT Global”

Contact | Zebra Technologies
Zebra Technologies

Sven Biermann

Regional Sales Director - Printing & Scanning D/A/CH
Zebra Technologies

Phone: (+49) 211-601606 0
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Zebra Technologies

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in Press Releases | By Zebra Technologies | 21 July 2017

Zebra Technologies, a worldwide leader in rugged mobile computers, barcode scanners and barcode printers enhanced with software and services to enable real-time enterprise visibility, introduced the new ZT600 and ZT510 industrial printers designed to withstand the harshest environments while delivering superior print quality and uptime. Zebra also announced Printer Profile Manager Enterprise, a browser-based remote printer management solution for Zebra Link-OS® enabled printers that greatly reduces cost and management time.

Contact | RFID tomorrow
RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow

Anja Van Bocxlaer

Responsible Event Manager
RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow conference & exhibition

Phone: (+49) 4131-789529 0
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RFID tomorrow

in Press Releases | By RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow | 20 July 2017

System integration for automotive, oil & gas, logistics, and retail in Forum 3

At RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow, software providers, system integrators, and solutions architects give actionable advice for continuous solutions for digital business models. Learn about the key aspects of successful digitalisation projects in Forum 3, “software & system integration”, on September 27. Solutions providers Mieloo & Alexander, Sick, and Waldemar Winckel explain how RFID data can transform formerly unguided processes, unlocking benefits across entire continuous value chains such as in automotive, oil & gas, and logistics. Vilant Systems and Nordic ID report on their successes in streamlining work and process flows in the hospitality industry and in logistics. The shared aspects of all these successful digitalisation projects being presented: automation, efficiency, and security.

in Press Releases | By RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow | 19 July 2017

Security, reliable standards and interoperability in the IoT

The interconnection of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) is a core element of the digital transformation. How can companies link both worlds? Fraunhofer IPMS and Microsoft rely on OPC UA to enable standardized connections of cloud, machines, assets and passive UHF RFID sensors for condition monitoring and production control.

in Press Releases | By RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow | 18 July 2017

Complex explanations on RFID hardware performance and features in Forum 1

Choosing and deploying the RFID hardware best suited for your application purposes is a key challenge of any RFID project. Leading RFID hardware providers such as Siemens, Feig Electronic, Syndicate RFID, MTI Wireless Edge, and Zebra share their perspectives on the potentials of specialised, smart, and secure RFID at RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017. RFID technology enables wireless IoT solutions for manufacturing, logistics, access control, toll control, payment, and ticketing. In addition, test device manufacturer Voyantic will explain how manufacturers and users can distil competitive advantages from RFID performance testing. 

in Press Releases | By RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow | 17 July 2017

Hardware, software, digitalisation, standardisation, and research

On Wednesday, September 27, RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017 kicks off with Developer Day: The leading European RFID & Wireless IoT event invites all participants interested in new perspectives. Experience technological innovation from the point of view of the hardware manufacturers for RFID, NFC, BLE, LPWAN, Wifi and more! Gain insight into how to shape your individual way to the IoT from data architects and initiatives such as RAIN RFID and OPC Foundation! Get to know everything about successful process optimisation from software and systems integration experts! Hear all points of view from users and associations regarding standards as well as the technical and political framework for RFID use, and turn your eye towards the future of wireless IoT with the premier research institutes – only at RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017!

in Press Releases | By RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow | 13 July 2017

Identification, sensors, security, and more on September 27 and 28 in Düsseldorf

On September 27 and 28, the 60 most experienced companies for RFID and wireless IoT meet in Düsseldorf for RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow, the can't-miss event for innovative technologies. Benefit from the great diversity on offer and meet hardware and component manufacturers, system integrators, software providers, consultants, and research institutes.

Experience new developments and use case scenarios for RFID, NFC, BLE, LPWAN, Wi-Fi, and other wireless technologies. In order to accommodate all exhibitors in 2017, the exhibition floor had to be expanded twice already. Register now and meet experts from all over the world!

Contact | SMARTRAC

Karin Fabri


Phone: (+49) 711-656926 10
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in Press Releases | By SMARTRAC TECHNOLOGY | 03 July 2017

RFID and IoT pacesetter Smartrac has announced its Ratch tag product line, the first RFID-enabled cable ties with fully integrated RFID tags. Available for both HF and UHF frequency bands, Smartrac Ratch tags are ideal for the tagging and asset control of critical equipment in applications such as lifting, automotive wiring and supply chain, offshore operations or entertainment and stage rigging.

Contact | Fujitsu Technology
Fujitsu Technology Solutions

Nikolai Duschek

Key Account Manager
Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH

Telefon: (+49) 89-62060 1047
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Fujitsu Technology

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in Press Releases | By Fujitsu Technology Solutions | 03 July 2017

Supporting greater aircraft manufacturing productivity using Fujitsu's RFID labels

Fujitsu Limited today announced that it has signed a contract to supply The Boeing Company with FUJITSU RFID Integrated Labels, as part of a Boeing project to implement RFID technology that improves the efficiency of lifecycle management for aircraft components. With this project, by attaching RFID labels to major aircraft components from the manufacturing stage for all aircraft, Boeing will be able to manage individual components, achieve accurate traceability, and raise the efficiency of its aircraft maintenance work.

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