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Yiwen Jin

Managing Director
B-ID GmbH & Co KG

Phone: (+49) 5541-9566 70
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in Articles | By B-Id | 12 August 2014

Smart Cards: One Time Password (OTP) and Store Value Cards

E-Paper Displays with Dot Matrix and Color Display Extend the Range of Applications for Smart Display Cards

Revolutionary developments of RFID Smart Display Cards are nearly ready for the market. E-paper displays with dot matrix and color display were going to provide entirely new options to display information, reports Yiwen Jin, Managing Director B-Id in an interview with „RFID im Blick“. The company has already achieved great progress in the developments of Smart Display Cards and offers all ISO card types with One Time Passwort (OTP) function for online banking applications, for instance. B-Id now works at full speed on the development of further innovative functions that are going to enter the next development stage in the course of next year. „Currently we are testing the service life of a Smart Card battery that can be recharged via NFC interface. This battery could be used to power functions, such as displays or sensors which require internal energy supply.“

Yiwen Jin, Managing Director B-Id, in an interview with Dunja Kandel, „RFID im Blick“

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International Sales Department
MELZER maschinenbau GmbH

Tel: (+49) 2336-9292 80
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in Articles | By MELZER | 06 August 2014

World class products are produced on MELZER equipment

With a success story of more than 55 years MELZER is today a leading equipment supplier and solution provider for the industrial production of state-of-the-art products like MRTD‘s, ID Cards, Smart Cards, Contactless Cards and RFID Inlays. MELZER´s worldwide success is based on the motivation to continuously improve quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness of its products, while achieving higher levels of performance. Anticipating the latest developments and doing whatever it takes to serve customer’s needs is MELZER´s mission.

Contact | FIS Organisation
FIS Organisation

Peter Seeck

FIS Organisation GmbH
Telefon: (+49) 40-669616 0
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FIS Organisation

in Articles | By FIS Organisation | 22 July 2014

Full Service Provider for any kind of Plastic Cards

Fis Organisation has always put its focus clearly on the capability of supplying their customers at any time with the desired identification media at an attractive price. Regardless of whether the customer requires a standard card such as Legic, Mifare or Hitag, or a completely new transponder to be developed. A customer appealing to Fis Organisation, will be satisfied – as far as it is realizable in view of physical limits and the available budget.

Contact | HID Global
HID Global

Guido Kuhrmann

Sales Director Identification Technologies
HID Global GmbH

Phone: (+49) 6123-791 0
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HID Global

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in Press Releases | By HID Global | 25 June 2014

HID Global’s physical access control solutions enable employees to use multi-functional cards for a variety of applications

HID Global®, a worldwide leader in secure identity solutions, today announced that its physical access control solutions have been deployed by Norway Post to provide toddpostal service, Norway Post deployed Genuine HID® multiCLASS SE® readers and multi-technology cards at its Robsrud Terminal, from where more than 60 percent of all the mail in Norway is handled.

Contact | Plasticard-ZFT

Jürgen Werner

Managing Director
Plasticard-ZFT GmbH

Phone: (+49) 351-42278 0
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in Articles | By Plasticard-ZFT | 11 June 2014

The worldwide yearly consumption of RFID tags has greatly exceeded the 1 billion mark and shows further tendencies of grow

The production of tickets and labels has become highly automated and is usually carried out on highly productive roll-roll-systems. Currently, the technolgy is most widely used in logistics, ticketing, and retail. Away from the mass markets, there are applications that require labels and similar products in smaller quantities in a customized format and print/ design. One of the specialties of Plasticard-ZFT is the production of RFID labels and tags in runs between 100 and 100,000.

Contact | exceet Card Group
exceet Card Group

Giuseppe Ciafardini

Vice President Marketing
exceet Card Group AG

Phone: (+49) 89-33034 302
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exceet Card Group

in Press Releases | By exceet Card Group | 05 June 2014

UTA Service Cards powered by exceet competence

UNION TANK Eckstein GmbH & Co. KG (UTA), with European headquarters in Kleinostheim on the Main River, is a fuel and service card specialist for commercial goods and passenger transport. More than 48,000 acceptance points in 40 European countries serve over 74,000 UTA customers.

Contact | bielomatik Leuze

bielomatik Leuze GmbH + Co. KG
Telefon: (+49) 7025-12 0
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bielomatik Leuze

in Articles | By bielomatik Leuze | 27 May 2014

Fast, reliable and precise

„Everything started with a luggage label“, says Martin Bohn, who shaped the beginning of a success story as an RFID expert right from the start. The first proprietary RFID label converting machine was put on the market 15 years ago. Today bielomatik is one of the market leading manufacturers of machines for the processing of RFID products used worldwide. What initially started in the airline sector continued its development in the leisure industry. RFID ski tickets, event tickets or tickets for public transport up to garment labels are produced on bielomatik machines, covering all process steps up to coding of RFID labels and digital data print.

in Press Releases | By bielomatik Leuze | 22 May 2014

Modular machine concept from entry level to high end with more than 90,000 products per hour

The bielomatik SpeedLiner is the industry standard for highly reliable production of RFID products like smart labels, tags and tickets, ensuring lowest cost of ownership. Now also available in a new configuration for reel-to-reel contactless Smart Card production, combining three processes in one machine for increased competitiveness. The new SmartTwo serialization system features RFID chip encoding and personalization printing.

Contact | Heyden-Securit

Michael Gordalla

Managing Director
Heyden-Securit GmbH

Telefon: (+49) 5971-9876 0
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in Articles | By Heyden-Securit | 25 April 2014

Secure ID Systems

With its new Printer Systems, Heyden-Securit has Good Cards, not Only in Terms of Technology

12,000 users take advantage of solutions by Heyden-Securit. The number is still rising, as Managing Director Michael Gordalla explains in an interview with “RFID im Blick“: The number of contactless applications alone was increasing in all sectors, from access and traffic solutions up to retail, he says. Companies invested into higher security and counted on new smartcard generations. Providing service, support, and the right product, the system supplier for card and tag production provides support to its customers. The recently published catalogue presents enhancements of proven products and offers suggestions for users of all industries.


Andreas Löw

Marketing and communication

Phone: (+49) 6471-3109 0
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in Articles | By FEIG ELECTRONIC | 03 April 2014

Micro Payment and Data Security

It is the customer's decision

Card-based NFC payment systems are further expanded. Currently, mobile payment is not yet a secure alternative

Girogo, the NFC payment system of the Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft, was brought underway in 2012. Meanwhile, the goal is in sight. In technical terms, a complete change of card reader generations is taking place, and all new readers are capable of reading contactless cards within the next five years, as Frithjof Walk, Feig Electronic, is convinced. With an increasing number of use cases, the user will benefit more and more from the advantages of contactless payment.

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