Local public transport is leading the use of NFC-enabled smartphones in everyday life

Every year, about 10 billion passengers use the local public transport in Germany, with the public transport companies earning ten to eleven billion Euros from fares. Two billion Euros of this revenue is already generated by selling eTickets. So, a huge share of the population, as well as tourists and business travelers, use RFID-technology – some of them daily.

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eTicket technology brings more than just a switch from paper tickets to smart cards, with new developments bringing both challenges and benefits for the future

VDV eTicket Service is the operator of the VDV core application, which is now the standard platform used for eTicketing in Germany, benefiting millions of people mainly in urban areas. It sees itself primarily as the system developer, rather than administrator, and has new initiatives planned to allow for use of NFC smartphones, increased safety management and international standardisation. ‘RFID im Blick’ talked with Niels-Zeino Mahmalat, Managing Director at VDV eTicket Service, on the challenges and future for eTicketing systems.

Niels Zeino-Mahmalat, Managing Director, VDV eTicket Service, in interview with ‘RFID im Blick’

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exceet Card Group AG, a member company of exceet Group, manufactures plastic ID cards for businesses and public authorities. The card production specialist manufactures these cards to match specific national and international security requirements. And of course, exceet has the certifications that permit the production of such card-based identity documents in the first place.

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exceet Card Group AG, a member company of exceet Group, has recently expanded its card production capacities. We can now react even more directly to the needs of the individual customer. With this expansion, exceet offers maximum flexibility and the widest possible range of card types. At the same time, we can deliver any production volume at very short lead times.

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Program brochure is out now!

The 48-page program brochure for the RFID-conference “RFID tomorrow 2015”, held in Dusseldorf, Germany on the 28th and 29th of September, is now available online for download. Learn about all the major topics; 40 lectures in 5 expert forums, as well as about the comprehensive SpeedLab-program which includes 33 workshops and live demonstrations in the exhibition area.

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The new name “RFID tomorrow” says it all

A high-class, international conference with an agenda featuring 5 specialist forums, more than 40 lecturers, 35 top RFID companies from Europe and their comprehensive SpeedLab program in the exhibition – concentrated into two conference days. This is the RFID-Conference 2015, organized by “RFID im Blick”.

The “RFID tomorrow conference & exhibition”, held on 28th and 29th of September, offers an intensive and unique congress experience, with at the exhibition and conference in a concentrated working environment of about 2600 square meters. All this is consolidated in the new conference location: the Van der Valk Hotel in Duesseldorf – in close proximity to the airport.

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  • Continuous focus on product innovation & technique improvement
  • Comprehensive expertise in tailored antenna, mechanical design and customization capabilities
  • Great flexibility in customized project development
  • Complete in-house manufacturing technology
  • High commitment to deliver consistent quality product and premium service
  • Extensive product portfolio for a wide range of RFID applications
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Developer Day 2016 - Forum 1 | Technology

Forum 1
Developer Day

RFID, NFC and Sensor Systems
IC's | Labels | Readers | Transponders | Printers

19th of September 2016 | 11:30am until 6:00pm
Then Evening Event: Open Kitchen and Live-Musik

As a platform for discussion Forum 1 invites participants to talk about the latest technological developments with experts and to enter a dialogue on hardware innovations on Developer Day. The focus of the 10 presentations lies on technological innovations in the fields of NFC, RFID, IC cards, sensors and chip technology - based on years of acquired expertise while always keeping an eye on the future of the technology.

All lectures are spoken in English.

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Forum 2
Developer Day

Software and Integration
Successful Projects

19th of September 2016 | 11:30am until 6:00pm
Then Evening Event: Open Kitchen and Live-Musik

What does make a RFID project successful? This question is inevitably at the centre of attention as soon as the use of RFID technology is planned. Not only the properly functioning hardware and software decide on the success of an RFID roll-out, but also the expertise of experienced system specialists. Thus, the RFID tomorrow 2016 opens a second forum for the first time at the Developer Day and puts integrators and system experts with their experience from realized projects on the big stage.

All lectures are spoken in English.

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Affordable universal encoding

Compact personalization machines for the card and ticketing market are plentiful and packaged elegantly for the desktop market but their reliance on home-grown expertise in the form of encoders or print modules is often their shortfall. They are relatively simple to use but tend to be expensive to operate when considering their consumables – and of course the majority of them just cannot process paper tickets or cater for different MagStripe or RFID encoding schemes. Servicing of these units is also a factor not to be ignored – especially when considering the quality of encoding if it is to fulfill ISO standards, for example.

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