Unique in German-speaking countries: The RFID multifunction cards used by Tyrol Clinic employees are the basis of a comprehensive service and security system

Since 2003, achieving a comprehensive security system has been a management priority for the Tyrol Clinics hospital group, with the hospital board establishing a successful, dedicated unit to manage all aspects of security in one place. Tyrol Clinics is now a pioneer of future- and needs-based security management in German-speaking coun- Clinic Safety Issues tries. A first system was implemented 15 years ago to make use of electronic access solutions, and now includes self-service dispensers for physical keys, drugs and post, as well as priority control of lifts. The RFID employee card is used as an identification medium for every application, allowing every point of entry to be strictly controlled.

Jürgen Schreiber, Security Manager, Tyrol Clinics, in an interview with “RFID im Blick”

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Contactless is the Future of Fare Management, Vending, and Payment

The market for contactless applications is growing: in the coming years, almost all smart cards will have a contactless chip. This change will take place very quickly, even for credit cards. Payment and ticketing with NFC has been around for 15 years. But it is only now that the trend is picking up speed, once Apple, the last player in the market, implemented NFC. The market will now develop slowly, but steadily.

Industrial Production, Maintenance and Asset Management

Clearly identify and error free documenting with RFID

Fashion and Logistics

Increase sales - improve customer service

RFID in the Healthcare Sector

Avoid mistakes and improve patient safety

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HID Global, a worldwide leader in secure identity solutions, today announced an ultra-thin Polycarbonate (PC) ePrelaminate inlay for electronic ID (e-ID) cards that is more than 30 percent thinner than alternatives. The new offering is the first HID Global inlay to use its patented HID direct bonding platform technology, which is available for high frequency (HF) systems. NXP Semiconductors is HID Global’s first qualified partner supplying IC chips for this product.

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Confidex, the world’s leading supplier of high-performing contactless ticketing, NFC and RFID tag solutions, announces today that it has exceeded the 500 Million pieces milestone in delivering personalized contactless tickets to over 65 major cities worldwide.

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exceet Card Group AG, a member company of exceet Group and specialist for all types of plastic cards, is now offering an innovative system and solution concept for customer loyalty and new customer acquisition. The new exceet solution combines the electronic voucher function of a customer card with cash-back functionality, discount coupons and customer-specific marketing in real time.

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HID Global®, a worldwide leader in secure identity solutions, today announced that International Student Identity
Card (ISIC) France, a leading student ID organization, has selected the
 company’s FARGO® HDP5000 and DTC4500 card printers/encoders as well as its AsureID® 7 ID Card Personalization Software Development Kit (SDK) for secure card issuance. The solution will be used to produce student ID cards to the grandes écoles universities in France. Headquartered in the Netherlands with offices worldwide, the ISIC Association was established in 1953 as a non-profit organization that has created the International Student Identity Card, which has been issued in over 130 countries and is the only internationally accepted proof of full-time student status that is endorsed by UNESCO, national governments and ministries of education worldwide.

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Local public transport is leading the use of NFC-enabled smartphones in everyday life

Every year, about 10 billion passengers use the local public transport in Germany, with the public transport companies earning ten to eleven billion Euros from fares. Two billion Euros of this revenue is already generated by selling eTickets. So, a huge share of the population, as well as tourists and business travelers, use RFID-technology – some of them daily.

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eTicket technology brings more than just a switch from paper tickets to smart cards, with new developments bringing both challenges and benefits for the future

VDV eTicket Service is the operator of the VDV core application, which is now the standard platform used for eTicketing in Germany, benefiting millions of people mainly in urban areas. It sees itself primarily as the system developer, rather than administrator, and has new initiatives planned to allow for use of NFC smartphones, increased safety management and international standardisation. ‘RFID im Blick’ talked with Niels-Zeino Mahmalat, Managing Director at VDV eTicket Service, on the challenges and future for eTicketing systems.

Niels Zeino-Mahmalat, Managing Director, VDV eTicket Service, in interview with ‘RFID im Blick’

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exceet Card Group AG, a member company of exceet Group, manufactures plastic ID cards for businesses and public authorities. The card production specialist manufactures these cards to match specific national and international security requirements. And of course, exceet has the certifications that permit the production of such card-based identity documents in the first place.

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exceet Card Group AG, a member company of exceet Group, has recently expanded its card production capacities. We can now react even more directly to the needs of the individual customer. With this expansion, exceet offers maximum flexibility and the widest possible range of card types. At the same time, we can deliver any production volume at very short lead times.

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