Latest Publications Sun, 24 Sep 2017 19:13:57 +0200 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Smartrac Appoints Amir Mobayen as Chief Revenue Officer Smartrac Appoints Amir Mobayen as Chief Revenue Officer

“By introducing the position of Chief Revenue Officer, Smartrac is following the example of high-growth companies that – like us – are busy creating innovative new business models, hence need executives who are strongly customer-oriented and focused on revenue generation. To fill that position, we wanted someone who is a sales leader and a strategist, data-driven and customer-minded, collaborative and inspirational. In Amir Mobayen, we are very pleased to have found that person”, said Christian Uhl, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board at Smartrac.

Amir Mobayen is an international executive with nearly 30 years’ experience in the technology sector, whose successful track record includes senior leadership positions in public and private companies in North America, EMEA and Asia. Prior to joining Smartrac, he was President and CEO of HYCID, Member of the Board of Directors at ALPHASTAR Corporation, Vice President and General Manager of Intelligent Systems at Arrow Electronics EMEA, and EVP worldwide sales and services at MSC Software Corporation.

Amir MobayenAmir Mobayen “I am very excited to join Smartrac, a company that is leading the RFID market for many years through innovation, and is now shaping the IoT solutions market. It is an absolute privilege to be Smartrac’s first Chief Revenue Officer, and I’m looking forward to helping to drive the company’s transformation and to accelerate its growth in close collaboration with Christian Uhl and his team”, Amir Mobayen said.

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Samsung joined the OPC Foundation (left to right) Mr. Peter Moonki Hong, Samsung Electronics and Mr. Thomas Hahn, Siemens, OPC Foundation Board

Samsung Electronics has joined the OPC Foundation, a de-facto Industrial IoT organization providing data and protocol interoperability, security and reliability from its specifications and open source implementations, which are vendor-neutral and platform agnostic. As a Corporate Member, Samsung Electronics accelerates deploying interoperable Industrial edge platform into its manufacturing infrastructures relying on OPC UA framework.

OPC is the interoperability standard for the secure and reliable exchange of data and information grown up in the industrial automation and other industries. It ensures the seamless flow of information among multi-vendors and platforms. More than 500 industry vendors and software developers take part in creating the series of specifications for the OPC standard and Samsung Electronics is excited to collaborate with the OPC Foundation, who is one of the top-tier standardization organizations in the Industrial IoT domains for the interoperability.

Samsung Electronics, who is one of the largest manufacturing giants worldwide for its consumer electronics and mobile products, believes that the great potentials of the OPC UA framework could synergy Samsung’s effort to deploy the Industrial IoT edge platform for its manufacturing infrastructures in order to achieve the seamless interoperability aiming for the Industry 4.0.

Kyeongwoon Lee, Senior Vice President of IoT at Samsung Electronics, comments: “The true potential of Industrial IoT will be realized with solutions that guarantee interoperability across business domains, where are independent from vendors and platforms on the market. As one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world, we see its great value proposition of the OPC Foundation in terms of protocol interoperability that enables seamless Industrial IoT services.

Especially, the OPC Foundation delivers the promising solutions of the OPC UA framework in terms of not only specifications, but also the reliable open source implementations, which guarantees the OPC UA Certifications. This will help us to accelerate our efforts in deploying the interoperable Industrial IoT edge platform for our manufacturing infrastructures.”

Thomas BurkeThomas Burke Thomas J. Burke OPC Foundation President & Executive Director, welcomes Samsung Electronics joining the OPC Foundation: “Samsung Electronics is one of the most important companies that truly is leading-edge in manufacturing excellence bringing quality products to the consumer market.

Samsung will be able to leverage the OPC UA multivendor multiplatform technology in their manufacturing facilities to have complete information integration addressing the complex requirements of the industrial Internet of things as they leverage data and information integration from the sensors to the cloud. The OPC Foundation will be working closely with Samsung to give them the highest quality OPC UA enabled certified products from their suppliers to continue their manufacturing excellence.”

About OPC UA

OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is a platform and vendor independent communication technology for a secure and reliable data and information exchange over the different levels of the automation pyramid. In addition, the information models of the OPC UA standard provide the foundation for a semantic interoperability.

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The biggest RFID and Wireless IoT Event in Europe Starts in one Week! Don't delay, register now!

One-of-a-kind two-day international conference

At the two-day event, providers and users present the newest technological developments, as well as successful process optimisation with RFID, NFC, BLE, LPWAN, Wi-Fi, and more.

  • Over 80 speakers from all over the world will speak about the possibilities of wireless technology today – and about developments in the near future.
  • On September 27, Developer Day, 4 expert forums focus on technology: RFID, NFC, BLE, WSN, Wi-Fi, LPWAN, and more! Benefit from the networking atmosphere in the exhibition and during the evening event with its culinary and musical program.
  • On September 28, User Day, use cases are at the centre of 5 expert forums on industrial IoT, logistics, healthcare, retail, security, smart city, and consumer IoT!
  • In the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow news portal, you can find all current information about the event.

On Developer Day, Technology is Key!

On Developer Day, September 27, RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow offers expert knowledge on hardware, software, and technology. Experience the state of the art from the perspective of manufacturers, solution providers, system integrators, experts, and leading European researchers!

On User Day, It is All About Use Cases!

On User Day, September 28, the user experience is at the centre of RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow! Leading companies present use cases from all over the world. Learn from users how they have analysed and defined processes and requirements. Solution providers explain how to choose the right hardware, software, and technology and how to deploy the solution – and how wireless IoT technology provides benefits in day-to-day business operations.

Meet the most experienced technology experts in Düsseldorf!

On the exhibition floor, you can meet the most experienced hardware and software providers, system integrators, research institutes, and experts on both conference days.

Book your ticket now – hotels available!

Book your place now and meet the most experienced RFID and wireless IoT companies from all over the world in Düsseldorf!

For RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017, room contingents are reserved in hotels of various categories in the surrounding area of the venue.

You want to book a room from September 26 to September 28 or for just one of the two nights? Then contact us and we will provide you with all necessary information regarding prices, hotel categories and travel options from the hotels to the congress immediately.

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New COMPRION TraceCase helps to solve communication failures in contactless payments The new TraceCase – a small, mobile trace tool that can be easily controlled by smartphone –  traces the interaction between two NFC devices such as POS terminals and NFC-enabled smartphone or contactless card.

Especially payment providers have a strong interest in eliminating contactless communication problems. The new TraceCase – a small, mobile trace tool that can be easily controlled by smartphone – traces the interaction between two NFC devices such as POS terminals and NFC-enabled smartphone or contactless card. “Very often, the reason for failure lies in the interference or distortion of electrical signals. These can be easily identified by our new field tracer”, explains Kamp.

Ralph KampRalph Kamp Now, payment providers can equip a whole team of field testers with the cost-effective tracer. “As setup and handling of the device are very easy, only a short training is required”, so Kamp. The tracer is very inconspicuous so that contactless transactions can be monitored during daily business – without unsettling vendors or customers. “However, the tracer doesn’t collect user-sensitive banking data”, promises Kamp.

The collected data is sent from the smartphone to the lab for troubleshooting. Using the powerful TraceCase Viewer software, the engineer can analyze and resolve the communication problems. As TraceCase is the only tracer of its kind worldwide that collects analog signals, errors on all levels can be easily found. TraceCase is immediately available.

For more information, please visit the TraceCase product page.

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Murata introduces ultra small RAIN RFID tag for wearable and healthcare Taking advantage of the Impinj Monza® R6's small die size and high sensitivity, Murata successfully developed their ultra-small integrated tag.

RAIN RFID adoption rates are rising as companies realize its value in inventory tracking and product traceability, but small consumer goods have posed a challenge due to the reduced space for labels. Murata, a primary leader in multi-layer ceramic substrate, has integrated a RAIN RFID chip and antenna to create a complete RFID tag, perfect for use on small items. The 1.25 mm square package, with a height of only 0.55 mm, is uniquely suited for use in eyewear, watches, and other wearable accessories, as well as healthcare applications like test tube sample identification.


  • Ultra small size, measuring 1.25 x 1.25 x 0.55 mm
  • Antenna is integrated into the multi-layer ceramic substrate
  • Incorporates Impinj’s high-performance Monza® R6 tag chip
  • Complies with UHF RFID standard ISO18000-63 and EPC Global Gen2v2
  • Supports the global UHF band from 865MHz to 928MHz


Impinj, a leading provider of RAIN RFID solutions, and Murata have partnered to bring RAIN RFID technology into the broader market. Taking advantage of the Impinj Monza® R6's small die size and high sensitivity, Murata successfully developed their ultra-small integrated tag that can be either attached or embedded into a wide range of applications. It can be used not only to identify products during the manufacturing process, but also to provide traceability in the aftermarket. This supports both businesses and consumers against counterfeiting and enhances brand protection.

Two potential use cases for the LXMSJZNCMF-198 package are surgical tools and test vials. Biochemical products need to be strictly temperature controlled, which can make it difficult to scan visual labels due to condensation or contamination. The LXMSJZNCMF-198 package is small enough to be embedded directly into test vials, allowing it to be read by RAIN RFID readers for automatic vial tracking.

“Thanks to the new LXMS-198 package, manufacturers and retailers of small items can take advantage of all the benefits RAIN RFID has to offer”, said Carl Brasek, Senior Director of Product Management – Silicon Products at Impinj. “With Murata's new package and Monza® R6's superior performance, item size and materials are no longer barriers to using RAIN RFID solutions. We're pleased to partner with Murata in to bring this innovative product to market.”

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STOP WASTING FOOD - NXP‘s technology solution reduces food waste Food retailers benefit from a holistic NFC or RAIN RFID sensor solution for tracking and tracing, temperature monitoring, moisture and tamper detection, and brand protection.

Food scandals need to be avoided at all costs

All food retailers – from grocery stores to discounters to wholesalers – face the same daily challenges: improvable inventory processes, nontransparent fl ow of goods from storage to sales fl oor, expired food and beverages, food waste, last-minute discount campaigns, out-of-stocks, and dissatisfi ed customers. Moreover, food scandals and recall actions always pose a risk for the food sector. Loss of trust from the customer side, image problems, and negative customer ratings need to be avoided at all costs. Especially in the high-priced food and beverage sector, product counterfeiting and attempts to manipulate product labels pose major challenges, such as already opened or refi lled products.

Less food waste, optimised processes, satisfied customers

A comprehensive supply chain ensures the quality and freshness of goods. It can also prolong the time products can be off ered for sale. If retailers know the exact best-before dates of all their goods, they can present those with shorter best-before dates on the fl oor and keep those with longer dates in the warehouse. “First in, fi rst out” is replaced by an optimised fl ow of goods. Food products do not have to be destroyed due to undetected expired dates. Moreover, instead of manually checking bestbefore dates on the sales fl oor, additional smart shelf solutions can start discount campaigns automatically due to 100 percent status transparency.

This way, customers can choose from a little more expensive product with a longer best-before date or a discount product with a shorter best-before date tailored to their individual requirements, while having the guarantee that both products are 100 percent fresh, quality-controlled goods. Retailers can boost sales this way while customers benefi t from being able to directly choose from and examine quality-controlled products in person – a feature online food retail cannot provide. Smart shelves can also manage the check-out and replenishment of products as they register which products and how many are taken from the shelves. They can send an automated message to the staff to refi ll the shelves. Thus, the retailer has the optimum amount of products on the sales fl oor at any time and the customer is not faced with out-of-stock situations.

NXP is the only provider shipping RAIN RFID chips on
twelve-inch wafers.„NXP is the only provider shipping RAIN RFID chips on twelve-inch wafers. NXP is now able to fit 250,000 ICs on a single wafer, which not only increases the productivity of the chip manufacturing, but also leads to less packaging and less waste, lowering the environmental footprint.“, Ralf Kodritsch explains.

Food retail needs a holistic approach

However, comprehensive modernisation processes and innovative data solutions appear to be the exception rather than the rule in food retail. Despite increased turnover in both in Germany and in Europe, there are no comprehensive, cross-border roll-outs. What essential features do technological innovations thus need to include to become an interesting and profi table investment for food retailers? “Food retailers need easy-to-install and easy-to-use technology solutions that improve all levels of food retail. The solution needs to optimise external and internal logistic processes, stocktaking, the distribution of goods to the sales fl oor organised by earliest best-before date, and automated discount campaigns.

All modernisation endeavours need to generate a sustainable ROI, boost sales, satisfy customers, and increase environmental protection. More transparency in the supply chain, and protection against manipulation, means more security for food retailers and their customers. Trust between the customer and retailer is established. Ultimately, customers feel safe and valued, resulting in increased customer loyalty and boosted sales for the retailer,” Ralf Kodritsch, Director Global Segment Manager RFID Solutions, NXP Semiconductors, explains.

Sensor tag solution for the entire supply chain

NXP Semiconductors off ers food retailers a holistic approach to increase transparency, reduce waste and boost sales: a cost- and energy-efficient NFC sensor based and RAIN RFID Tag IC solution for the entire supply chain, from production to logistics to the retailer. The solution is of special interest for food retailers with own brands, as the tag solution enables 100 percent transparency and control over their own internal processes, to ultimately boost sales in the retailers‘ own product segments. Flat printed batteries function as the energy source.

The NFC sensor labels are suitable for re-use – when left on the transport boxes – which reduces costs and increases sustainability. The memory chip can be erased several times. “The operation time of the tag solution is limited by the battery life. How long the battery will last depends on the frequency of reading intervals. In food retail, it may last longer as goods usually do not have to be checked in very short intervals. The solution is also suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, where highly sensitive and expensive medication needs to be checked more frequently. The NFC sensor tag IC is a released product.” Ralf Kodritsch explains.

100 percent transparency and control via app

The tags can be applied at the box level for bulk products, such as bananas, where tags on each single item would be too costly. However, the tag solution can also be implemented at the item level in case of valuable single products, such as delicacies or expensive alcoholic beverages.

Ralf Kodritsch: “The label solution allows retailers to check the status of the box or item at any time and any place within the supply chain. The NFC solution can be easily accessed via any NFC-enabled smartphone and an app.NXP offers diff erent security layers with password protected areas so that only authorised personnel can access all data stored on the chip. The NFC solution can also simplify inventory and distribution processes in the warehouse. The warehouse staff can easily check status and best-before dates of all boxes with a simple tap on their smartphone, optimising the storage in the warehouse as well as the distribution to the sales floor.”

Read the full use case published in the July 2017 issue of the leading trade journal "RFID & Wireless IoT Global". Download your personal digital copy of the magazine now and gain exclusive insight into more use cases and the potential of RFID & Wireless IoT technologies for process optimisation in different industries.

Take a look at our subscription offer as well and receive the newest issue of the magazine by mail or by e-mail.

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CAEN RFID and HCE Engineering present Enigma Industrial RAIN RFID Kit Programming RFID UHF applications has never been as easy as with the new HCE Enigma Industrial system and CAENRFID RFID UHF A528 reader.

Thanks to the collaboration with CAEN RFID you can get an integrated system for reading RAIN RFID tags based on the GNU/Linux system.

The system comes with Debian 8.0 and all the software you need to use and develop your RAIN RFID application right away. Thanks to the 24V (11-36V) DC power supply, its standard connectors and the TFT panel with RGB interface (up to 24 bit colors), the product offers a low cost solution for graphic terminals and human-machine interface panels with 4.3 to 10 inch touchscreen.

The system can be expanded with I/O cards via the RS485 interface with Modbus RTU (the Modbus TCP is available via Ethernet interface), via the CAN 2.0B interface (up to 1Mbit/s) or via its own expansion connector. In addition, the system supports two RJ45 Ethernet connectors (10/100Mbit and 10/100/1000Mbit) and an optional IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WiFi interface with speeds up to 72Mbps!

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OPC Foundation Joins "The Open Group"

The OPC Foundation has developed a whitepaper, an introspective on process automation, elaborating on the vision of OPC UA and why the OPC Foundation is engaging in the The Open Process Automation™ Forum.

The OPC Foundation originally started back in 1995 with the letters OPC standing for OLE for Process Control. We’ve come a long way since those days, developing the best specifications, technology, and certification. We also have been continually working with the OPC community to develop standards that truly provide a complete infrastructure and solution for multiplatform, secure, reliable, information integration interoperability from the embedded world to the cloud.

The work of The Open Process Automation™ Forum is very germane to the OPC Foundation vison. Literally thousands of person-years have been spent with competitor companies working together to develop these OPC Foundation interoperability standards.

The OPC Foundation vision includes the key element of information modeling, providing a foundation for other standards organizations to directly plug-in their data/information models into OPC UA.

Please download the white paper on “Introspective on Achieving Information Integration Interoperability in Process Automation”.

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5 weeks until RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017 – register now! The can't-miss event for innovative technologies, is taking place on September 27 and 28, 2017, in Düsseldorf, Germany.

On Developer Day, Technology is Key!

On Developer Day, September 27, RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow offers expert knowledge on hardware, software, and technology. Experience the state of the art from the perspective of manufacturers, solution providers, system integrators, experts, and leading European researchers!

On User Day, It is All About Use Cases!

On User Day, September 28, the user experience is at the centre of RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow! Leading companies present use cases from all over the world. Learn from users how they have analysed and defined processes and requirements. Solution providers explain how to choose the right hardware, software, and technology and how to deploy the solution – and how wireless IoT technology provides benefits in day-to-day business operations.

Meet the most experienced technology experts in Düsseldorf!

On the exhibition floor, you can meet the most experienced hardware and software providers, system integrators, research institutes, and experts on both conference days.

Book your ticket now – hotels available!

Book your place now and meet the most experienced RFID and wireless IoT companies from all over the world in Düsseldorf!

For RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017, room contingents are reserved in hotels of various categories in the surrounding area of the venue.

You want to book a room from September 26 to September 28 or for just one of the two nights? Then contact us and we will provide you with all necessary information regarding prices, hotel categories and travel options from the hotels to the congress immediately.

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SSI Schaefer Receives Major Order from the Czech Republic SSI Schaefer implements a modern logistics center for MAKRO at its site in Kozomín.

SSI Schaefer is implementing a holistic logistics solution, which includes the establishment of an extensive conventional racking system for various temperature zones, a 10-aisle automated miniload system (ASPW), 16 Schäfer Carousel Systems (SCS), a bin conveying system, three picking stations with sequencing towers as well as the implementation of the WAMAS® Warehouse Management Software (WMS) from SSI Schaefer.

MAKRO, an important wholesale operator in the Czech Republic, plans to open its new semi-automated distribution centre in Q 1 2018. The distribution centre will be used for supplying MAKRO stores and its delivery customers. MAKRO responds with this move on its customer’s needs and introduces a food service delivery solution matching the future standards.

It will also significantly upgrade its overall logistics network to a high level enabling the company flexibility needed for future growth. Following an international call for tenders, SSI Schaefer was awarded the contract as a general contractor. The aim is to satisfy MAKRO's intralogistics requirements in terms of capacity, throughput, and picking accuracy by 2025.

The intralogistics specialists are constructing static high bay warehouses with a total capacity of 31,000 pallet storage locations and continuous pallet racks with 500 storage locations. An additional package flow rack has a total of 93,000 staging locations for bins and cardboard packaging in 14,000 3-m deep channels. At the heart of these automated processes is an 11.5-m high ASPW, which is being installed in parallel. The 10-aisle bin warehouse covering almost 5,000 square meters contains roughly 50,000 storage locations.

Storage and retrieval processes are performed by ten storage-retrieval machines of the type Schäfer Miniload Crane, which are designed for the lateral staging of slow movers and the supply of goods-to-person picking locations for the slowest movers. Order consolidation takes place at a total of 16 consolidation and palletizing stations, which are operated by 16 SCS systems with sequenced picking bins. In addition, three established sequencing towers, each with a buffer capacity of 44 bins, ensure order-optimized picking processes at the goods-to-person work stations.

In future, the automated transport of bins in the MAKRO distribution center will take place on a conveying system with roller curves, belt diverters, close to 2 km of belt and roller conveyors and integrated in-motion belt scale systems. As the comprehensive software solution for all temperature ranges, WAMAS will be used for both manual and automated processes. The analysis of KPIs and their visualization in dashboards will enable MAKRO to monitor the system in real time, and make changes and improvements at any time. Start-up of the system is expected at the beginning of 2018.

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SSI Schaefer Is Shaping the Efficiency of Intralogistics Operations

Green logistics, delivery times, workplace ergonomics, and traceability

The main logistics challenges that businesses within the beverage industry are facing today: Green logistics, delivery times, workplace ergonomics, and traceability. SSI Schaefer is perfectly equipped to meet the increasingly complex needs of its customers in this field thanks to consistent focus on customer and market requirements and the ongoing developments of its IT capabilities.

“SSI Schaefer develops customer-focused complete solutions based on global project expertise, wide-ranging competencies, and long-standing experience in the food & beverage market sector. We are looking forward to discuss the trade fair visitors’ individual challenges and to develop tailor-made solutions.”
Andreas Oy, Vice President Food & Beverage at SSI Schaefer

Innovative solutions: flexible and scalable

When picking drinks pallets, optimum interaction of components is essential for complex order consolidations to be completed automatically and reliably. . At this year’s exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about the versatile Schäfer Case Picking System – an integrated, modular, and fully scalable solution for automated delivery picking. The Schäfer Lift & Run System (SLR) is used in the highly dynamic handling of beverage pallets in a channel storage warehouse. With its ability to increase storage capacity and efficient use of energy, this system becomes an interesting alternative to the traditional pallet shelf-retrieval machines.

Other expectations within the beverage industry include constant access to all articles, parallel processes and maximum throughput without bottlenecks. The patented SSI Schaefer 3D-Matrix Solution® offers a high degree of flexibility in combination with the parallel execution of different transport tasks. Using hologram boxes with case examples, this revolutionary solution will be displayed on the SSI Schaefer drinktec stand: 11th - 15th September 2017, Hall 1, Booth 508.

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Added value for the global supply chain at RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow VW OTLG, Witte Automotive, TU München, and other logistics experts explain how RFID, BLE, WLAN, and LPWAN revolutionise worldwide supply chains.

RFID, BLE, and Wi-Fi are tracking assets in all industries

Volkswagen Original parts logistics (VW OTLG), Turck Multiprox and the Technical University Warsaw present use cases from parts, tool, and railway logistics, showcasing how RFID tracking creates transparency and optimises planning of supply networks.

Openmatics and Aarhus University Hospital present smart logistics with Asset Tracking as well: For Openmatics, a subsidiary of ZF Friedrichshafen, a handful of tags and a reader are sufficient, for the university hospital with its granular processes an infrastructure with 2,000 RFID readers is needed.

Witte Digital presents a new solution for contactless locks with cloud integration, suitable for fleet management.

LoRa and Wi-Fi enable the RTLS applications of the future

Fraunhofer IFF explains how to use LPWAN technologies for a real-time location system – using the example of a real-world LoRa project at Leipzig-Halle airport. The Technical University Munich presents a future technology for internal tracking&tracing applications: the researchers have developed holographic imaging method that analyses the radiation of a WLAN transmitter and thus generates three-dimensional images of the environment.

On User Day, It is All About Use Cases!

User Day on September 28th showcases operational expertise in a wide variety of industries. Users and experts who have implemented successful RFID, NFC, BLE, LPWAN and other projects share their experiences from a range of application groups:

  • In Forum 1 – Industrial IoT, learn how leading companies employ RFID for predictive maintenance, tool use optimisation, and mass customization.
  • In Forum 2 – Logistics & Supply Chain, logistics experts and researchers explain how RFID and wireless IoT technologies can optimise individual logistics operations or connect entire global supply chains.
  • In Forum 3 – Healthcare, project managers from leading European hospitals, hospital service providers, and system integrators discuss how to make the leap to healthcare 4.0 while keeping investments and privacy risks under control.
  • In Forum 4 – Retail, experience successful use cases from food and apparel retailers. Learn how RFID, BLE, and wireless IoT technologies can lead to a rapid ROI due to increased inventory accuracy, fewer warehousing costs and shrinkage, as well as guaranteed freshness of foodstuffs and guaranteed authenticity of luxury items.
  • In Forum 5 – Security & Consumer IoT, the presentations by municipalities, universities, system integrators, consumer IoT and security service providers showcase how our everyday lives and urban environments will change due to the implementation of wireless IoT solutions.

Book your ticket to RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow right now and benefit from applied experiences in your field on User Day!

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SSI Schäfer takes over ABM in Benelux The contract has been signed: Jan Maertens (r.), Managing Director of ABM, and Thomas Kamphausen (l.), CFO of SSI Schaefer.

With the takeover of ABM bvba (Ltd. in English), SSI Schaefer is underscoring its ambition of providing the widest range of products for intralogistics solutions around the world. It also represents another step in strengthening its local presence in Benelux. "With the purchase of ABM, we are organically expanding our range of services in Benelux.

With the synergies created, we can deliver to the Benelux region holistic concepts in keeping with our company’s philosophy," explains Harrie Swinkels, CEO of SSI Schaefer Automation GmbH, on the strategic thinking behind the takeover of ABM. "Localization and customization are the keys to success. By joining with ABM, we are even closer to the customer and will also benefit from ABM's strong expertise in the field of individual picking solutions."

ABM was founded in 1994 as part of the Alltech Group with a strategic focus on Pick to Light subsystems. The company has since developed the picking technology sector and has its finger on the pulse of the latest trends with cutting-edge technologies such as Pick to Color, Pick to Image, and Pick to Label. In 2009, ABM also introduced a seamless human-machine interface (HMI) known as COMPASS Pick to Graphics. The PickART concept, introduced in 2012, combines smart batching, intelligent navigation, user-friendly communication, and an intuitive and flexible drop cart architecture. Since 2014, the multi-disciplinary team of engineers has been developing and implementing holistic, customer-oriented solutions, ranging from storage systems and transport concepts to software integration services.

"In addition to its Benelux home market, ABM serves customers in Great Britain, France, Spain, and the Czech Republic. Our core sectors include food retail, food & beverage, fashion, and e-commerce," says Jan Maertens, Managing Director of ABM. "We are convinced that we can be a strong force in driving forward SSI Schaefer's local know-how and shaping a consistent market-sector approach in the Benelux region. We are delighted to have gained such a strong partner, both strategically and commercially."

High standards paired with an unwavering customer focus are areas of significant common ground between ABM and SSI Schaefer. As a family-owned company with a long-term strategy, SSI Schaefer takes a holistic view of the future and relies on stable, continual, and secure growth. The global strengths of the intralogistics specialists are developed through the targeted expansion of local competencies and locations. This is reflected in the development of local expertise in Benelux.

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Zebra presents digital transformation par excellence at RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow! As a sponsor of RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow, solutions provider Zebra Technologies is supporting the conference with two expert presentations.

Sustainable transformation via RFID, BLE, and more

On Developer Day, Ralf Schulze, Manufacturing Lead EMEA at Zebra Technologies, will give a presentation titled “Intelligent Environment & Objects – RFID, BLE, and Co. Transform Businesses” in Forum 1 “Technology & Hardware”. Mr. Schulze will explain, how RFID, BLE and other IoT technologies are sustainably transforming processes in logistics and in industrial manufacturing, as well as the consumer experience, unlocking additional value propositions.

Keep an eye your retail inventory – with RFID!

Peter Friedel, Retail and Hospitality Director DACH at Zebra Technologies, answers the question of whether it is possible to keep 100 percent real-time visibility without employees having to pick up a single piece? For Zebra, this is not rocket science, but reality: “Keep an Eye on the Future Using the Right Technology in Retail Today”, Friedel's presentation in Forum 4 “retail” promises. Every retailer who incorporates RFID as an integral part of the store design has already won the future. Zebra Technologies demonstrates how continuous tagging changes processes and increases efficiency in retail.

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RFID & Wireless IoT Global Magazine - July 2017 RFID & Wireless IoT Global: Stop Wasting Food!
RFID and Wireless IoT Global Issue July 2017
  • 54 pages of exclusive wireless IoT articles about RFID, NFC, RFID sensing, Smart Cards and wireless IoT
  • Exclusive use cases by Santander City Council, If Skadeforsikring, BMW Group and Kirschenhofer Maschinenbau
  • Technical articles by Herpa Tech, Detego, AIM Europe, AEG ID, NXP Semiconductors, Blulog, Checkpoint Systems and Neosid
  • Topics: Consumer IoT, Retail, Healthcare, Security and Industrial IoT
  • Feel free to download your own copy below
  • In our shop, you have the possibility to subscribe for a full year of quarterly issues sent to you by mail.
  • Supported by Balluff, FEIG Electronic, Kathrein Solutions, NXP Semiconductors, Siemens, Turck

Food and Fashion Retail

{module [568]}
Stop wasting foodNew food retail solutions reduce food waste.

NFC sensor and RAIN RFID IC: NXP‘s comprehensive technology solution for food retailers

NXP Semiconductors offers a holistic NFC sensor and RAIN RFID Tag IC solutions for tracking and tracing, temperature monitoring, moisture detection, tamper detection, and more in food retail. The cover story reveals which features technological innovations need to fulfil to generate benefits and a sustainable ROI for the retailer. NXP also shows how technological modernisation provides product transparency, product security, optimised internal processes, increased sales, and more.

Blulog: cool cargo across the entire cold chainRF+NFC data logger solution offers cold chain monitoring.

Blulog: Cool cargo across the entire cold chain

Poland‘s leading food retailer and wholesale distributor of fast-moving consumer goods Eurocash Group wanted to modify the already existing procedures in order to increase the quality of the products they distribute within the cold chain process. The solution: active UHF and NFC data loggers from Blulog. The article also takes a look at innovative future applications such as tracking the condition of goods on the road as well as customer related information about the quality of food in the stores.

With RFID, the customer is truly kingWhere does the customer want to be met?

RFID optimises all retail processes

“Today the retail industry is undergoing dramatic changes. Those who will benefi t from this transformation are those who take the opportunity to digitally transform their off ering. Retailers can react by making goods available both online and offl ine, off ering tailored advice and leveraging their customer experience in a productive manner.” - Dominik Brosch, Global Account Manager, Checkpoint Systems


Consumer IoT and Smart Cities

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Prehistoric park Dinópolis goes international with RFIDDinópolis theme park bets on UHF RFID solution.

Consumer IoT: Prehistoric park Dinópolis goes international with RFID

How can theme parks offer the most to visitors? At the Dinópolis theme park in Teruel, Spain, a boat ride has been outfitted with UHF RFID readers. The goal of the retrofit is to offer additional languages (Spanish, French, English, and German) to visitors, improving the quality of the ride for a dynamic experience. The implemented solution shows how to overcome the challenges of metal, water, and demanding environments with UHF RFID technology.

SmartSantander: all action, no talkCitizens can use an app to report incidents to the City Council.

Smart City: SmartSantander: all action, no talk

A smart parking management application automatically handles city parking. Mobile sensors direct traffic. Smart waste bins order the refuse collection. 20,000 smartphone sensors enable citizens to actively participate in the development of SmartSantander. Citizens can use an app to submit ideas, and to report incidents to the City Council and track the progress of solving the issue. The City of Santander sets smart city standards worldwide for the deployment of smart solutions on all city levels.

RFID is in hot pursuit of bike thieves in DenmarkThe new bike solution is based on a UHF RFID.

Smart City: RFID is in hot pursuit of bike thieves in Denmark

About 60,000 bicycles are stolen in Denmark every year. The high numbers of thefts lead to displeased bicycle owners, extensive costs in insurance claims, and waste of financial and human resources. How can a challenge of this extent be solved most efficiently? Scandinavian insurance provider If Skadeforsikring has the answer: the “Digital Bike Frame Number” innovation group has come up with a new idea for a technology to identify all bikes manufactured and sold in Denmark.



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Neosid offers miniaturized RFID transponders for healthcareNeosid offers miniaturized RFID transponders for healthcare

Miniaturized RFID tags: enable automation in healthcare

RFID transponders for the identification of medical instruments need to be resilient. Extensive burdens such as high temperatures, steam, pressure, and chemicals must be unable to harm the used transponder. At the same time, the transponders need to be pushed to the limits of minimisation. It may sound like a lot but it is not impossible. To expand the limits of feasibility, Neosid brought the first miniature transponders to the market that have already been used in pilot hospitals worldwide.



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AEG ID offers both end users and system integrators customer-specific
engineeringAEG ID offers both end users and system integrators customer-specific engineering.

All-in-one cards: the problem of achieving 100 percent performance

Smart card and key fob manufacturer AEG Identifikationssysteme develops and produces customer-specific smart cards and key fobs for end users and system integrators. With solutions for access, time recording, payment, vending machines, and employee registration, the company offers high-performance card products for all economic sectors, from industry to logistics to medicine. The explains how the company removed fluctuations in card performance.


Industrial IoT

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Kirschenhofer uses RFID for safe tool exchangeKirschenhofer uses RFID for safe tool exchange.

RFID guarantees safe tool exchange for truck catalytic converter production

Kirschenhofer Maschinenbau is a special machine builder providing, among other services, the development and manufacturing of production plants for catalytic converters. The recently completed manufacturing cell for truck catalytic converters can produce around 60 different types. Kirschenhofer uses automation technology to ensure that each catalytic converter meets stringent quality standards. Profinet I/O modules and the RFID system for the production plant are supplied by Turck.

BMW Group bets on innovation potential in logisticsBMW Group uses innovative technologies in logistics.

BMW Group bets on innovation potential in logistics

Every day, BMW Group installs over 30 million individual parts from 4,500 subcontractor locations during the production of over 9,000 vehicles in 31 plants across 14 countries. To deliver these parts just-in-time, the automotive manufacturer uses on-site navigation for finished vehicles, autonomous transport robots in logistics centres and automotive plants, augmented reality for picking processes in logistics areas, and electric mobility for trucks and environmentally-friendly logistics.

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