Latest Publications Wed, 25 Apr 2018 12:41:34 +0200 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Small but powerful: SAG 6mm Plug Metal Tag at Hannover Messe 2018 Small but powerful: SAG 6mm Plug Metal Tag at Hannover Messe 2018

The Cable Tie Tag helps fasten loose objects while providing an ID number to assist with asset management, item tracking, and material workflow control. It can be applied to metallic surfaces and irregularly shaped items – a viable product solution to be used in many ways. Meanwhile, despite its small size, the 6mm Plug Metal Tag can play with the big leagues.

Integrated into the metal, this tiny tag is no longer just a dream but will be presented by SAG as a cost-efficient method, read by your NFC-enabled phone. Last but not least, it is the smallest tag in this category featuring such an advantage with superior environment resistibility.

SAG expertly realises your RFID applications. Live demo will be at:

  • Place: Hannover Messe, Germany
  • Date: 23-27 April 2018
  • Booth No.: Hall 9 H31

Visit our company's profile on RFID & Wireless IoT Search – the perfect place to get connected and read up on our philosophy, products, and solutions.

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COMPRION Launches New NFC Oscilloscope COMPRION Launches New NFC Oscilloscope

This oscilloscope has the speciality of offering a great selection of various NFC and ISO triggers, which are useful for resolving communication issues on the analog and digital level. “Triggers can be configured on different levels, for example, for carrier modulation, NFC frame start/end, decoder I/O collision or commands like WUPA, to mention only a few of the over 100 trigger conditions. No other oscilloscope can offer that!“ explains Ralph Kamp, Business Development Manager at COMPRION. The envelope calculation can additionally be configured and displayed immediately. All this means that this oscilloscope can be used to measure signals according to NFC, EMVCo, or ISO very easily.

With only two steps to the measurement result

So far, you need a lot of expertise, time, and patience to find analog interference signals in NFC communication using a traditional oscilloscope. Kamp illustrates „It can take hours: configuring the oscilloscope, importing the recorded data into an environment for analysis, calculating the envelope signal, offline decoding.“ All this can make the search for a collision in the recording very tedious or even impossible.

Using the new integrated NFC oscilloscope by COMPRION, it takes only two steps to reach the goal:

  • Set high-level trigger
  • Start measurement (single shot or continuous trigger)

The envelope signal and the NFC measurement results are displayed immediately. „This simple approach allows for quickly going through a variety of scenarios with different combinations of analog parameters,“ Kamp adds.

Possible applications of the NFC oscilloscope

The NFC oscilloscope facilitates the work of test and development engineers significantly, in particular when they want to optimize the design of NFC-enabled devices or resolve communication issues on the analog level. It is important to identify and resolve problems as early as possible before they cause unnecessarily high costs in later stages of development.

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JADAK Launches ThingMagic IZAR, a 4-Port RAIN RFID Finished Reader ThingMagic IZAR is a compact, programmable, 4-port RAIN UHF RFID network-attached reader.

Designed for medical, retail, and transportation customers who need to implement a high-performing RFID system while minimizing engineering costs, this UHF RFID finished reader is ready to use out-of-the-box and easy to integrate for customers with limited design capability. ThingMagic IZAR is powerful enough to allow on-reader applications and processes, increasing efficiency and eliminating the need for additional processors, reducing customer design time.

Driven by the powerful Mercury6e UHF RFID module, ThingMagic IZAR represents the next generation of the Mercury6 finished reader line of products. As an extension to ThingMagic Sargas 2-port reader, ThingMagic IZAR has the same architecture and universal firmware, Mercury API, as all ThingMagic RFID products. For existing Mercury6 or Sargas customers, migration to IZAR is seamless due to ThingMagic’s operating firmware, Mercury API, permits common language across devices.

ThingMagic IZAR has an intuitive user interface via web. It is also designed to work with RAINstream, ThingMagic’s optional add-on software that streamlines data transfer by allowing direct transfer of tag data to backend systems via several alternative protocols, eliminating the need for interpretation code at the host or server.

Additionally, ThingMagic IZAR is tag agnostic, supporting features for a wide variety of tags, including specialized, custom, advanced and standard tags (ex. AEIATA, etc.).

Want to see it in action? ThingMagic IZAR will be demoed at the RFID Journal Live Show in Booth #1003 on April 10 – 12th in Orlando, FL.

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Smartrac’s Experiences Solution Wins IoT Global Award Smartrac’s Experiences Solution Wins IoT Global Award

Judged by a panel of 12 Internet of Things (IoT) industry experts and insiders, the inaugural IoT Global Awards were announced in London on March 21. Experiences is Smartrac’s IoT-based solution that turns products into digital platforms for customer engagement innovation, and which already has a proven track record in deployment for many well-known global sports brands such as Spyder.

The IoT Global Awards are co-sponsored by IoT Global Network and CloserStill Media, the organizers of the Smart IoT London event that set the scene for the awards ceremony. The goal of these newly established awards is to stimulate business excellence in collaboration and innovation within the IoT industry.

“I have been impressed by both the quality and quantity of entries to these, the inaugural IoT Global Awards. It’s clear from the range and breadth of technical innovations, products and services that have won awards today, that the future of IoT will continue to be characterized by ingenuity and immense practical skill in turning this enormous opportunity into a reality that transforms lives and businesses across the world,” said Jeremy Cowan, Editorial Director & Publisher of IoT Global Network.

Responding to the award, Christian Uhl, CEO at Smartrac, said “We feel very honored to win one of the inaugural IoT Global Awards. What’s more, we feel confident we’re on the right track by providing solutions that digitize products that our customers already sell today. Branded product manufacturers can now deliver exclusive mobile experiences to consumers that start in the real world and scale digitally. This, we think, is an IoT innovation that offers real value and hence is a worthy award winner.”

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SAG RAIN RFID Adjustable Wristband will catch your eye at RFID Journal Live 2018 SAG RAIN RFID Adjustable Wristband will catch your eye at RFID Journal Live 2018

The wristband offers a hands-free solution with its remarkably long reading performance (6 metres, Voyantic chamber, 2W ERP). There is one standard version that can be adjusted to fit all wrist sizes. We await your visit at our booth at RFID Journal Live 2018 in Orlando, Florida, from April 10 to 12.

Place: Orlando, USA
Date: 10-12 April 2018
Booth #: 1041

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Confidex announces the launch of MYVIA by Confidex™ The MYVIA by Confidex™ platform is based on Confidex’s know-how built on years of expertise in creating wireless IoT technology solutions for Smart Cities and leading industrial customers.

MYVIA by Confidex™ was designed to solve the challenges that take place at all airports, all the time: how long does it take me to get to gate? Where are the best retail offers? Where is the friend I am due to meet?The main objective of the solution is to ease the life of the passengers and ease their anxiety.

MYVIA by Confidex™ also supports airport staff by providing them information about the real-time location of people and objects. With the MYVIA by Confidex™ platform, airport logistics efficiency and asset utilization can reach the level of optimal automation.

Simultaneously, MYVIA by Confidex™ can make travellers’ airport experience straightforward and enjoyable: they can find their way effortlessly from security to the departing gate and receive interesting offers customized for them. MYVIA by Confidex™ offers airports a platform that directs people to stores with the help of proximity marketing, increasing the value of commercial premises and the revenue of the stores.

So, to fully support airport management MYVIA by Confidex™ does not only seek to improve the asset efficiency of the airport but also to boost concession revenues and loyalty by increasing the turnover in all the retail units. When developing MYVIA by Confidex™, Confidex R&D focused on delivering the airport managers a tool to provide their customers relevant, accurate information in real-time. This kind of holistic platform manages the overall flows in the airport: it’s not only built to solve wayfinding or advertising but provides also the complete heatmaps and other travel data with high information security.

Confidex EVP of Smart Industries, Paul Broekhuizen, is excited about the innovative solution: “Whereas outdoor location navigation services for finding the nearest shop or your parked car are commonly available features, indoor location services to support airports in their Digital Airport strategy have been missing in the past. Now, with MYVIA by Confidex™, airports have the tools to bring new services to their passengers”.

MYVIA by Confidex™ can help an airport to better meet the high service quality level it targets and take the personalized travel experience to a new era by using predictive intelligence and improving operational efficiency.

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Balluff extends company headquarters The new

Since its foundation almost a century ago, the automation specialist, Balluff has been based in Neuhausen. Due to company growth it was already clear in 2013 that the headquarters would soon be stretched to the limits. The initial idea was to extend the premises on Schurwaldstraße with a focus on logistics and office space. However, since 2015 the emphasis has shifted to the long-term development of the Balluff headquarters. The company decided on an architecture competition to acquire a diverse selection of sustainable and viable solution proposals. From the call issue in August 2017 it took just four months to reach a decision.

Nine architectural offices submitted their proposals, and at the beginning of December the jury of eleven unanimously selected the innovative design by Berlin architects, Grüntuch Ernst Architekten. The two-phase concept envisages the extension of the existing headquarters on Schurwaldstraße with an innovative office and development building and a prestigious head office with integrated customer and training center on Plieninger Straße. The concept was presented in January to the Neuhausen town council. Construction start for the office and development building is planned for 2019. The building project is one of the largest investments in the company’s history.

The architectural concept

The two new buildings reorganize the existing Balluff company headquarters: in the future the various business units currently spread over different sites in Neuhausen will be grouped together in one campus. Acting as a central axis, the new multifunctional office and development block on Schurwaldstraße forms the power hub of the new campus. Standing up to twelve meters high, the building's typology with its hall-like structure is reminiscent of a factory. A wide central ramp as internal artery, open communication areas and the new company restaurant provide central meeting places for Balluff's employees.

Approaching from the motorway, the extension to the company headquarters on Plieninger Straße will form a prominent landmark with its striking dynamic structure. The outer appearance of the new building is understated, while inside the innovative concept juxtaposes introverted closed rooms with extroverted communication spaces. Covering an area of 1100 square meters, the new building offers conference, event, office and meeting room facilities. As Armand Grüntuch, co-owner of architectural office Grüntuch Ernst, Berlin says: "Both buildings speak the same basic language in architectural terms: the juxtaposition of formal office space and informal areas for movement, inspiration and interaction to promote team spirit and collaboration.”

Modern working environments

The new building is the logical consequence of Balluff Group's steady growth. With more than 3600 employees worldwide and revenues totaling € 378 million annually in 2016, the automation specialist has long enjoyed continued growth. In the past five years alone, the workforce at the Neuhausen site has increased by around 38 percent to more than 1000 employees.

The new extended headquarters provide the possibility of concentrating jobs in one campus in the long term, shortening distances at work and reducing traffic. "This concept ideally maps our growth and visionary future alignment: modern workplaces which foster communication and collaboration in projects and provide creative space for innovative work," says Balluff's Managing Director Katrin Stegmaier-Hermle in explanation of the company's choice.

Commitment to Neuhausen

With more than 1000 employees at the site, Balluff is an important employer in Neuhausen and the entire region. As pacesetter of Industry 4.0 the automation specialist secures quality jobs in the long term. "The investment in the extension of our headquarters, a milestone in almost 100 years of company history, is a clear expression of our commitment to the Neuhausen community," says Katrin Stegmaier-Hermle. "We involved the town from a very early stage and at all points along the way, and greatly appreciate this open and close cooperation."

Neuhausen town council is also delighted with the new building project. "We are of course extremely happy that the Balluff company is renewing its clear commitment to Neuhausen with the new building. The new building, a prominent landmark, which can be seen from afar, represents a huge opportunity. Both for the company to enhance its status, and for the town, because the project is sure to become another urban planning and architectural highlight. The Balluff company simply belongs to Neuhausen – and we are proud of it," adds mayor Ingo Hacker.

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Nordic ID appoints Cisper as its authorized preferred distributor in Europe

With over thirty years of experience in the sector, Cisper is in an excellent position to combine its in-depth knowledge and expertise with Nordic ID’s extensive RFID product portfolio to offer the best possible solutions that fits the needs of resellers and system integrators.

Jukka Hieta, General Manager at Nordic ID, comments “We are pleased to continue our close cooperation with Cisper in the European market. It’s a real win-win situation for both parties, but above all for our value-added resellers and system integrators. As a well-known RFID specialist, Cisper offers hands-on experience, a high logistic service level, and excellent product and application knowledge which will help to increase the visibility and availability of the Nordic ID products. Also they can offer fast deliveries and quick customer service via stocking”.

Leon de Ridder, Managing Director at Cisper, comments; “Cisper is excited to be an official distributor of Nordic ID’s innovative products for item tracking and tracing. The Nordic ID product portfolio consists of a wide range of fair priced RFID and barcode readers and solutions. Cisper strongly believes in the added value of Nordic ID’s product offering and will focus on promoting, selling and supporting Nordic ID into the European market.”

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Smartrac to Showcase RFID Innovations for Industry 4.0 at Logimat

In Hall 4, booth C08, the RFID and IoT pacesetter is presenting a mix of innovations dedicated to automatically controlling supply chains and integrating any product, component, part or tool into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), hence increasing efficiency for industry and logistics. Complementing Smartrac’s portfolio of RFID inlays and tags, the company’s IoT solutions suite Smart Cosmos® allows customers to fully leverage the opportunities offered by RFID-based IoT solutions.

World Premiere No. 1: Heat-resistant RAIN RFID (UHF) tags for several industries

Smartrac is introducing its Maxdura hard tag series, responding to the needs of its automotive and other industrial customers for robust, high-temperature resistant UHF tags. These new hard tags can follow a car chassis through the entire production process, including being baked repeatedly at high temperatures in the paint shop. The new products complement Smartrac’s existing UHF portfolio, and are based around a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design in a robust housing attachable to any metal surface. The hard tags are available in three different form factors, utilizing integrated circuits from leading chip manufacturers.

World Premiere No. 2: Smaller Frog 3D tag makes a splash in the supply chain

The addition of reduced-size (40x40mm) Frog 3D inlays and tags to Smartrac’s portfolio allows RFID tagging of smaller and more challenging items all the way through the supply chain. Smartrac Frog 3D inlays and tags are high-performance RFID tags designed for item-, case- and pallet-level tagging applications in industrial and supply chain logistics use cases, even with an excellent read performance for fixed RFID readers, no matter what the angle between the tag and the RFID reader is. All Frog 3D tags feature the proven Impinj Monza© 4 IC family.

High-Performance Tag for Metallic Surfaces and Everyday Objects

Smartrac’s unique Midas Flagtag® design uses the metallic surface as part of the antenna structure. This ensures superior performance in less demanding physical environments, while providing cost advantages compared to the foam-based inlays and hard tags typically used in tougher industrial environments. Midas Flagtag can solve the issue of tagging metallic packaging and liquids in high-performance and cost-effective ways. It is the first-choice on-metal solution for the authentication of retail, pharma, healthcare or industrial items, as well as supply chain & asset management applications.

NFC-based authentication and tamper proofing

Targeting a wide array of applications for packaged goods in consumer and industrial markets, Circus Tamper Loop enables new, NFC-based security and consumer engagement solutions at the point of sale and post-sale. The 50x20mm NFC tags come with a tamper-loop extension to the established antenna design, enabling advanced “digital seal” functionality for smart packaging and brand protection, which will be indicated when the product or its seal has been tampered.

Temperature Logger NFC sensor and app

Last but not least, Smartrac is showcasing its Temperature Logger NFC. This innovative sensor is a battery-powered label solution for accurately logging temperature data in supply-chain applications. Temperature Logger NFC can be read by a smartphone app, helping customers make informed decisions about shipment quality, inventory and logistics.

“With the Industrial Internet of Things going forward, industry and logistics are more than ever focused on increasing efficiency – and so are Smartrac’s products and solutions. At Logimat 2018, these products and solutions are once again proving that we are the leader in RFID innovations for Industry 4.0”, says Peter Walendy, SVP, Head of Global Business & Solutions at Smartrac.

Smartrac @ Logimat 2018: Hall 4, booth C08, March 13-15, 2018, Neue Messe, Stuttgart, Germany. Don’t miss our presentation: “How to securely digitize supply chains through innovative RFID and IoT solutions”, to be given by Marc Hoentsch, Smartrac’s VP Product Marketing, on March 14, 10:20 – 10:35 AM, Forum C, Hall 4.

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NFC Product Development: Early Troubleshooting Saves Time and Money Pre-Conformance-Testen – Reduzieren von teuren Testlaborzeiten

NFC problems? Do they still exist?

You could think that a technology like NFC which is not brand-new would meanwhile work smoothly. “But that’s not the case!” says Dr. Michael Jahnich, Development Head for NFC Test Solutions at Comprion. “We observe recurring problems in the field.“

This has four main reasons: First of all, the market is inundated with new NFC devices and applications. Technologies are melting together. This results in a great number of NFC devices that have not been tested according to universal standards. Secondly, the standards often do not cover everything, because the NFC application demands conformance to its own specifications.

Thirdly, closed and in itself functioning NFC systems like, for example, access control or contactless payment are extended by use of the smartphone. This can cause interoperability issues. Finally, when individually tested NFC modules are integrated, for example, into car door handles, terminals, or machines, the used materials may interfere with sensitive NFC fields.

Early testing wins half the battle

“Many of these problems could become real showstoppers and cause expensive recalls. This can be avoided by testing early in the development phase,“ explains Jahnich. The new CL Development Line has been especially designed for NFC development testing and can be used in the following areas:

  • Pre-conformance testing – reducing expensive test lab hours
    Upfront, EMVCo- and NFC Forum-compliant test benches can ensure that the NFC device conforms to the specifications and thus optimally prepare it for certification. This reduces expensive lab times in the test house.
  • Functional testing – customized NFC device testing
    With the help of APIs, it is possible to write and run customized tests – beyond the standards. This way, MNOs or application developers can ensure that NFC devices comply with their special requirements.
  • Interoperability testing – finding error causes
    In case of problems, errors on the contactless interface can be displayed and visualized. A powerful analysis software makes it possible to localize potential error sources and to resolve the problems in the lab.
  • Design validation – optimizing the design
    The solution can identify the magnetic field in its form and strength and thus define measures for optimizing the interface, for example, when integrating antennas. Thus, interference factors caused by surrounding materials can be identified and removed.

What’s the solution like?

The CL Development Line is a modular system consisting of different hardware and software components as well as unique antennas and accessories that can be configured to match the particular test case. “You don’t pay for software and features that you don’t use, but only for those that you actually need. On the other hand, the system can also be extended by adding further components so that you can cover other application areas,“ Jahnich is glad.

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Manufacturing 4.0: Balluff at Bosch Connected World Balluff hack coaches Joachim Stilz, Eduard Völker and Philipp Echteler supported the teams of developers during the two-day hackathon.

Together with more than 3800 participants, the sensor and automation specialist demonstrated at one of Europe’s largest IoT conferences how its solutions are making the industrial Internet of Things possible. They provide developers with the information that innovative software solutions are based on. Balluff showcased specific applications for predictive maintenance and supported the integrated hackathon as a hack enabler. More than 700 software specialists from all over Europe spent two days developing innovations for the IIoT at Bosch Connected World 2018.

Balluff has been a supplier to Bosch for more than 20 years. The sensor and automation specialist has enjoyed that status of preferred supplier for six years now, and has implemented a variety of joint sensor developments together with Bosch in that time. Last year, Bosch honored Balluff with the Bosch Global Supplier Award for the third year in a row. At Bosch Connected World, Balluff used industrial applications to demonstrate how its IO-Link solutions with data collection and transport can provide the necessary data basis for the IIoT.

The first application was an intelligent machine bed with two Rexroth linear drives. Sensors measure the temperature of the coolant they contain. For demonstration purposes, one drive was adequately lubricated while the other was not. The temperature sensors were connected to an IO-Link hub. This hub converts the signals into IO-Link, making the analog temperature sensor intelligent. The exhibit will also be on display at the Bosch stand at the Hannover Messe 2018.

Open industry standard: the PPM protocol

The entire system communicates via a Balluff IO-Link master and the PPM protocol (PPMP—Production Performance Management Protocol) developed by Bosch. The open source IIoT protocol enables small and mid-sized companies to transmit data from their sensors to the production systems of large corporations—quick, easy and secure. When an increase in temperature is measured, conclusions can be drawn about the current wear status of the drives. The collected data is immediately visualized and analyzed in the Bosch Production Performance Manager.

“Our sensors serve as sources of data. The data they collect is transported via our networking technology and PPMP and is then available for analysis,” explains Project Manager Philipp Echteler. “In this way, manufacturers of machines and equipment have the opportunity to provide predictive maintenance for their products and replace worn parts in a timely manner. This prevents machine downtime, significantly reducing costs.”“

Easy installation through IO-Link

The two application examples—a non-circular lathe from the Weisser company and a machine bed from the Rampf company—demonstrated the strengths of IO-Link technology. The lathe identifies the tools it needs using a RFID system from Balluff and IO-Link. In the machine bed, a Balluff IO-Link master serves as the data collector for the cloud via PPMP interface. IO-Link has decisive advantages when connecting intelligent sensors or actuators: “The more sensors users want to connect, the more these advantages become evident: Installation is simple, fast and above all error-free. Furthermore, IO-Link is synonymous with streamlined cabling and system concepts and conserves space in the control cabinet,” explains Dr. Elmar Büchler, Industry Manager at Balluff.

Genuine IIoT data sources

Thanks to IO-Link, sensors can be used as genuine IIoT data sources. Easy installation is just one of IO-Link’s strengths. Its greatest added value for IIoT applications comes from bidirectional communication with the sensor. Internal data such as temperature, service life or information on switching functionality are now available thanks to IO-Link. For example, the new optical sensor BOS21M ADCAP can be used to determine how much light is returned by an object. This measurement can be used to predict when a machine may stop working due to coating with debris.

Balluff as a hack enabler

Balluff supported participants in the Connected Manufacturing segment of the Bosch Connected Experience by providing three of its own employees as “hack coaches.” In just two days, the resulting combination of products from Balluff and the development skills of the participants led to innovative new applications for predictive maintenance, condition monitoring and data analysis.

For example, Team WeldDone, which came in first place at the hackathon, developed a solution to evaluate welding seams. The team used among others an optical laser sensor from Balluff to detect the welding seam. In contrast to similar solutions they did not use any control technology. “The hackathon presents the opportunity for us to see how our robust industrial products—already in use in industrial automation for decades now—can be made to perform even better in new application fields in the Internet of Things, thereby opening the door to entirely new business models,” says Managing Director Florian Hermle.

“Being present firsthand to watch 700 hackers, automation specialists and business model experts spend two days testing the limits of existing technology was a very special experience for us as well,” says Hermle in summarizing his impressions of the hackathon.

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Smartrac Appoints Dinesh Dhamija as Chief Technology Officer Smartrac Appoints Dinesh Dhamija as Chief Technology Officer

“By introducing the position of Chief Technology Officer, Smartrac is taking into account that technology innovation and commercialization will gain even more importance for us as our transformation into a solutions provider takes shape. Bringing in a unique blend of business and technology expertise, strategy and experience in working closely with customers and partners to deliver commercially successful solutions make him an ideal fit for us”, said Christian Uhl, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board at Smartrac.

Dinesh Dhamija has been a professor, entrepreneur, and a technology executive with over 30 years of global experience in innovation, technology, and strategy. He has been a tenured Associate Professor of Engineering & Technology at Ohio University and an applied researcher and consultant with companies including Cooper Industries, Hubbell, GE, and IBM. He co-founded a company that built Configure-Price-Quote solutions, serving as its CTO, Chief Strategist and Evangelist. He developed successful technology and go to market partnerships with companies such as Infor, Microsoft, Oracle, and Dassault. Most recently, Dinesh was the Founder of Step 2 Solutions, a company formed to help customers create commercial solutions incrementally and quickly, as part of a digital transformation roadmap.

Dinesh DhamijaDinesh Dhamija “It’s an honor and privilege for me to join Smartrac, a company whose innovations have been shaping the RFID market. With its customer focus and deep strengths in technology, Smartrac will shape the IoT Solutions market as well, and I’m very excited to help realize this huge potential for Smartrac and its customers”, Dinesh Dhamija said.

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An ambitious roadmap: Mercedes-Benz Vans counts on innovative complexity management The use of RFID relieves employees of routine tasks and at the same time gives them the security of having installed the right parts through automatic testing.

More transparency despite greater variety

Vehicles are increasingly becoming more individualised. Automobile manufacturing is fast approaching lot sizes of one – for passenger cars as well as for transporters. RFID project lead Michael Trunschke explains the increasing complexity of the worldwide Mercedes-Benz Vans production process: “There are 68 types of exterior mirrors alone, and once the new Sprinter model starts production, there will be nearly 100. For seats, the new model will expand the options by twenty percent.” These two example component groups illustrate the challenges for the production planners at Mercedes-Benz Vans when it comes to enabling a transparent manufacturing process.

The project started with an Industry 4.0 checkup

Holger SeidelHolger Seidel “All production processes must be transparent at all times – down to the level of every single part,” explains Holger Seidel, who led the team from Fraunhofer IFF supporting the Ludwigsfelde plant with a comprehensive Industry 4.0 checkup. “This transparency requires deploying an ideal combination of technology and IT. From here on forward, no application can be considered just by itself. The key elements for intelligent production are the combination of different technologies and the connection of data across processes and companies.”

Holger Seidel elaborates: “The checkup followed the principle 'I can't control what I can't identify'. This led to various recommended actions. For the identification of parts and documentation of assembly, RFID emerged as the best solution.”

Intensive preliminary studies for RFID use

The first phase of the checkup began in 2014 and focused on the definition of processes, the suitability of various technologies, and establishing a cost-benefit analysis. In the second phase, the solution was defined for specific processes with regards to their possible ROI. The next step was assessing its feasibility: ...

This article is part of the next issue of RFID & Wireless IoT Global published in the next days. Download your personal digital copy of the magazine and gain exclusive insight into more use cases and the potential of RFID & Wireless IoT technologies for process optimisation in different industries.

Take a look at our subscription offer as well and receive the newest issue of the magazine by mail or by e-mail.

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Balluff: ARENA2036 introduces research findings Balluff CEO Michael Unger with the Chairman of ARENA2036 Dipl.-Ing. Peter Fröschle.

Having concluded the first project phase, the members of ARENA2036 are presenting current research and development projects. The event on Feb-ruary 22 was attended by about 800 visitors at the research campus of the University of Stuttgart in Vaihingen, including high-profile guests from poli-tics, economics and science. The four pillars of the technical exhibition were mobility, digitalization, work and production of tomorrow. The empha-sis was on how greatly intertwined these four areas are. "By exchanging individual project results, innovations for other research areas arise as well, and new technologies are developed," explains Dr. Thomas Meißner, Research Coordinator at Balluff. Together with other project partners in the focus world Production2036 Balluff showed how the production pro-cesses of the future will work. At a joint booth the research group depicted the future everyday life of a production worker. "Individuality will play an in-creasing role in the future: specific customer solutions will arise from mod-ular processes. This requires an exact knowledge of all the production pro-cess data," explains Michael Unger, Managing Director at Balluff. Accord-ingly Balluff showed how RFID systems are used to manage the data while at the same time automatically identifying and tracking objects.

Innovation incubator ARENA2036

The initiative ARENA2036 was founded by seven members in 2013, with 31 partners from economics and science now working closely together at the research campus and developing joint innovations for the mobility of the future. Balluff has been part of the initiative since last November. In the second project phase which has just commenced Balluff is bringing its know-how in the areas of sensor technology and automation.

"The produc-tion of tomorrow will be modular and adaptable. This is why it will be abso-lutely necessary to have all the information for the production process at one's disposal," notes Meißner. "For us this means that the demands on our sensors will also change," as the research coordinator from Balluff ex-plains the consequences for his company. The sensor and automation specialist is meeting these challenges in two research projects. For one, Balluff intends to develop adaptable sensors which can be used flexibly for different purposes and application conditions. The second project focuses on the intelligent and secure identification of 3D printed components. "We want to turn simple components into smart parts," says Meißner.

Valuable cooperation

ARENA2036, with its research campus representing the largest research platform for mobility in Germany, promotes completely new forms of coop-eration between economics and science. "The on-site cooperation and joint development work are extremely valuable for each of us. Being able to exchange ideas and respond to wishes and trends at such an early stage is a huge advantage," emphasizes Meißner. "ARENA2036 makes it possible for us to cooperate with industry and science to develop pathfind-ing solutions for the automobile production of the future," as Unger sum-marizes the value of the innovation platform.

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Comprion launches RSP Core Components at the MWC Comprion SM-SR and Comprion SM-DP support all procedures defined in GSMA SGP.02, follow the functional requirements needed for a GSMA SAS certification, and are available now.

At the MWC, the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry held in Barcelona, 26 February – 1 March 2018, Comprion shows the newest products in the field of eSIM and Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP). Comprion SM-SR (Subscription Manager – Secure Routing) and Comprion SM-DP (Subscription Manager – Data Preparation) provide GSMA SGP.02-compliant functionality, enabling especially Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), service providers, and manufacturers of mobile IoT devices with eSIMs, for example, from the areas of smart living, automotive, or logistics, to build their custom remote SIM provisioning environment and thereby maintain control over their soldered eSIMs.

Introducing the eSIM – What Is It All About?

Olaf Rethmeier, Comprion’s product manager of M2M solutions, explains: „We have observed that many MNOs and MVNOs are preparing their mobile radio infrastructure for eSIM and RSP technology. With the integration of eSIMs into M2M devices, provisioning and changing the subscription data are performed remotely via the operator profile, this means the air interface. The GSMA has defined an M2M infrastructure and fixed roles (SM-DP, SM-SR, MNO, EUM, eUICC) including their functionality, so that access data of the mobile network can be exchanged securely between eSIM and subscription manager.

This makes sure that changing the operator and the related communication works according to uniform standards and that the system is compatible with different eUICCS, servers, and MNO network architectures.“

RSP Infrastructure – Easy Integration Instead of Implementation by Yourself!

In order to facilitate upgrading the infrastructure according to SGP.02 for network operators and service providers, Comprion now provides RSP functionality by SM-DP and SM-SR implementations as complete modules. „These modules can be integrated into the existing system without the need of the operator to implement the very complex RSP functionality by himself,“ explains Rethmeier. But also manufacturers of mobile IoT devices with eSIMs have an interest in operating their own RSP servers: “Thus, control over eSIM data is maintained by them and not by the network operator,“ adds Rethmeier.

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