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in Press Releases | By PR RFID & Wireless IoT Global | 13 February 2017

The European Union activated its Galileo satellite navigation system in December 2016. The EU is dedicated to setting this system apart from other navigation systems such as GPS – the US counterpart of Galileo. Researchers from the Department of Electrical Engineering at KU Leuven (University of Leuven, Belgium) have now risen to this challenge as well: they designed authentication features that will make it even more difficult to send out false Galileo signals.

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in Press Releases | By Sick | 10 February 2017

At the Hannover Messe 2017, SICK will present the next step toward Industry 4.0. Using an example of a value added process, the company will demonstrate the sensor features that lead to more flexibility for machine operators. As a result, visitors to the exhibition will be able to experience the enhancements at first hand.

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Patrick Kochendörfer

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in Press Releases | By IDTRONIC | 26 January 2017

The new UHF GUN version of the C4 Red RFID handheld computer expands the existing product range, consisting of devices with internal UHF, HF and LF readers, by a device with external UHF reader and rigid pistol grip. This adaption enables a faster bulk reading and enhanced read range of up to 6 meters (20 feet). C4 Red UHF GUN has a bright 5” HD display with touchscreen functions and LED backlight, built for outdoor use. Gorilla Glass 3 adds increased display and scratch resistance. Multiple buttons are available for convenient usage with working gloves.


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Invengo Technology

Val Peters

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Invengo Technology

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in Press Releases | By Invengo Technology | 19 January 2017

Key market players confirm the need for easy and affordable identification and localization products

Invengo, the global RFID technology provider, is proud to share the first Invengo-Intellifi training, organized to support its InPower Channel partners in the APAC region, was positively received by more than 50 key market players.

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Karin Fabri


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in Press Releases | By SMARTRAC TECHNOLOGY | 09 January 2017

On the occasion of the Next Generation Patient Experience (NGPX) event at Litchfield Park, Arizona, Smartrac and Cutaneous Information Technology (CIT) are presenting the Patient Identification Shield, a breakthrough solution to better manage the patient ID, safety and experience. Key solution components are CIT’s patented Patient ID Shield, a superior alternative to error-prone wristband based systems which utilizes Smartrac’s powerful Smart Cosmos enablement platform to meaningfully impact the safety and experience of patients in a healthcare setting.

in Press Releases | By SMARTRAC TECHNOLOGY | 04 January 2017

RFID and IoT pacesetter Smartrac is providing high-performance blending equipment manufacturer Vitamix with innovative Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that takes customer convenience and operational safety to a new level.

Officially launched on December 26, 2016, and soon showcased at the upcoming tradeshow CES in Las Vegas (January 5-8, 2017), Vitamix’s new Ascent and Venturist blenders utilize Smartrac’s NFC technology to surpass conventional blending machines in both functionality and safety. With NFC readers built into the appliance base, custom-built NFC tags embedded in the supplied and separately sold containers and cups can automatically change multiple operating parameters (up to 140!) by just putting the container on the appliance base. Thus, the NFC solution can modify program settings, button functions, ramp rates or maximum time settings making it easier than ever to prepare steaming-hot soups, frozen sorbets, delicious smoothies and other recipes that provide culinary experiences unknown before. The NFC solution could also modify machine settings and operating windows for attachments that have not yet been invented, underlining the power of the new SELF-DETECT™ Technology” concept provided by Vitamix.

in Press Releases | By SMARTRAC TECHNOLOGY | 16 December 2016

Industry and IoT pacesetter Smartrac is introducing new Grille and Fly UHF tags and inlays based on NXP’s UCODE 7xm ICs. Designed for tagging small items in demanding industrial applications in automotive and beyond, both new product lines offer excellent performance at light and medium loads plus superior orientation sensitivity.

Grille comes with a die-cut size of 25 x 25 mm (1.0 x 1.0 in), while Fly has a die-cut size of 15 x 15 mm (0.6 x 0.6 in). These dimensions make tags and inlays of both product lines suitable for the requirements of the automotive, aerospace and pharmaceutical sectors, among others. The new products make it possible to authenticate a multitude of standard plastic parts, such as door panels, car fittings or plastic covers in the trunk.

in Press Releases | By SMARTRAC TECHNOLOGY | 09 December 2016

Visa and Mastercard granted approval to Smartrac’s wire booster antenna, valid in connection with Infineon’s SLJ 32 Payment EMV solution product and Infineon`s innovative “Coil on Module” chip packaging technology. Card manufacturers will benefit from a simplified approval process for their own products based on that combination.

Smartrac’s wire booster antenna has received Visa's Letter of Approval (LoA) and Mastercard’s Component Confirmatory Statement (CCS) in connection with Infineon SLJ 32 payment solution. It is based on Infineon's proven SLE 77 chip platform and incorporates a Java OS with Visa's latest 2.8.1.g and Mastercard M/Chip Advance v1.1 applet. As of now, card manufacturers can refer to these approvals in their own product approval process and thereby significantly reduce time to market and costs. Approved products can be used until the end of 2023 for Visa and until September 2019 for Mastercard.

in Press Releases | By SMARTRAC TECHNOLOGY | 07 December 2016

Powers Unique Ski Experience by Enabling Real-Time Social Media Access and Location-Based Information Sharing

Spyder, a leading ski and performance brand, today announced that it will implement Near Field Communication (NFC) technology within its U.S. Ski Team collection launching this October.

in Press Releases | By SMARTRAC TECHNOLOGY | 30 November 2016

RFID and IoT pacesetter Smartrac is launching Dual Frequency PRELAM®, its latest RFID inlay ideally suited for convenient public transport applications. The new product combines one pre-laminated inlay (PRELAM) with two secure contactless chips, one working in high frequency (HF) and the other in ultra-high frequency (UHF), in a single card.

The capability of such a dual frequency card allows transport operators to select the type of revenue collection method that is appropriate at the point of entry. For example, transport operators can allow for hands-free or Be-in-Be-Out (BIBO) fare collection in very large human traffic channels or for physically challenged commuters. In standard entry or exit, Check-in-Check-Out (CICO) fare collection reader terminals can be deployed.

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